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Engaging your audience on Twitter/X can be a challenging undertaking, especially considering that there are at least 550 million monthly active users on this platform. To make an impact, you must know how to effectively interact with your followers and engage their interest long enough to resonate with your content. As a social media business specializing in increasing your Twitter followers, Twenvy is perfectly placed to guide you through boosting your engagement on the platform.

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What Is Engagement on Social Media? 

Engagement on social media refers to the interactions between individuals or groups within a digital community. The term encompasses the entire gamut of social activity concerning likes, shares, comments, retweets, replies, mentions, and even click-throughs. Essentially, any action done by a user on your post signifies engagement.

Twitter/X engagement can take numerous forms including retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and link clicks. If someone interacts with your tweet by liking it, sharing it (‘retweeting’ in Twitter parlance), or replying to it – those actions all count as engagement. The ultimate goal is to create tweets that engage users enough to inspire a direct response or action.

Why Is Engagement Important on X? 

Engagement plays a vital role in amplifying your reach on Twitter/X. The more engagement your tweets receive, the better chance they have of showing up on other users’ feeds – which can result in a larger following and increased brand awareness. Brands with high user engagement are more likely to forge strong relationships with their audience leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Furthermore, engagement also boosts the credibility and authenticity of your brand. The process of interacting with your followers can enhance trust and eventually lead to better conversion rates.

Engagement Monetization: Getting Paid For Posting on X 

In October 2022, Elon Musk finalized his acquisition of Twitter, and while it was definitely a pivotal moment in the history of social media, not many people have predicted the changes that would soon ensue. 

The platform was rebranded to “X,” and the renaming came with a few other important developments. For starters, Community Notes were added, where verified contributors can add context and clarify misinformation. 

Perhaps the most transformative change of all, and the most important one to Twitter creators, was the Ad Revenue Sharing program, launched in July 2023. It is a monetization scheme that allows users to get a cut of the platform’s ad revenue. Of course, not just anyone can get paid on X right away. Only users who meet the following criteria can participate in the Ad Revenue Sharing program: 

  • Account with at least 500 followers, 
  • At least 5 million impressions on their cumulative posts within the last three months,
  • Be a verified organization or a user subscribed to Blue. 

As you can see, these criteria are pretty steep, especially if you’re just starting out on the platform. Amassing 500 followers and paying $8/month for a Premium account is easy enough, but getting enough impressions within just three months to achieve eligibility can be a difficult task. 

Impressions on X include views, comments, likes, and retweets. The “5 million” listed in the eligibility criteria takes into account all of these, combined. Therefore, if you want to start making money on X, you’ll need to figure out a way to create content that will get the most engagement possible.

Use These Strategies to Increase Engagement

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Achieving meaningful engagement requires careful strategizing and implementing proven tactics. Here are a few strategies that can help you increase your Twitter engagement.

Post During Your Peak Hours 

Scheduling your tweets when most of your followers are active can dramatically boost your engagement rates. Use X analytics to decipher the times when your posts get the most impressions and interactions. This will help you pinpoint the best time to send out your content.

Always Use Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are pivotal in making your content discoverable on X. They collate similar content under one clickable phrase, allowing users with shared interests to find and interact with it. However, overusing hashtags can seem spammy; instead, opt for one or two relevant hashtags that will complement your tweet.

Use Visual Content in Your Posts 

Tweets accompanied by visuals garner more interaction than those without. Furthermore, data from Buffer suggests that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets. Therefore, incorporating images, videos, GIFs or infographics into your tweets can significantly increase your engagement level.

Ask Questions

Spark conversations and discussions by posing thought-provoking questions to your followers. Asking questions not only motivates your audience to respond but also shows that you value their opinions and ideas. This not only increases engagement but fosters a sense of community amongst your followers.

Talk About Breaking News and High Profile Personalities 

Engaging in real-time conversations about topical matters or trends can also boost engagement. Reflecting popular culture or breaking news within your tweets demonstrates awareness of the wider world and stimulates interaction among users who feel connected to these issues.

Space Out Your Posts 

Overloading followers with multiple tweets at once (unless they’re part of a longer thread) can be off-putting and lead to decreased engagement levels. Spread out your tweets throughout the day to prevent inundating your followers and to have a consistent presence on their feed.

Is Being Controversial a Good Way of Boosting Engagement? 

It is no secret that controversial content gets the most views and comments on all of the popular platforms. People find it difficult to simply ignore posts on subjects they have a very strong opinion on, and often end up getting into drawn-out arguments in comment sections or start seeking out other users they disagree with just to prove the superiority of their convictions. 

Social media algorithms take note of these tendencies and push more and more highly controversial content into their users’ feeds, contributing to the heightened engagement under these posts. 

With that in mind,  a lot of aspiring influencers and content creators become drawn to the idea of being as controversial as possible, to rile up their audience (and non-follower users) to engage with their posts. This is especially true on Twitter/X, where engagement on the platform can turn into a source of income. 

But is that really a good approach towards building up a presence on social media? In the short term, sure, you might see a significant uptick in engagement and higher follower numbers. But in the long run, controversial statements and inflammatory tweets will tire out even your core audience, who will realize that you don’t have anything of substance to offer and are being edgy for the sake of it. Not to mention the fact that with each controversy-chasing tweet, you’re running the risk of getting barred from participating in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program for breaking the Creator Monetization Standards or X Rules. 

It’s better to choose a niche you’re actually passionate about, or one that you’re an expert in, and stick with it. Research your competition, keep up with the breaking news in your industry, and create high-quality content that your followers will want to engage with. 

The Bottom Line 

The process of increasing Twitter/X engagement is continuous and evolving. By understanding the dynamics of the platform and implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance your brand’s online presence and interaction with a broader audience. At Twenvy, we’re committed to enabling our users to engage more effectively and efficiently on Twitter – and watching their follower numbers soar as a result!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does posting long threads contribute to higher engagement? 

Generally speaking, long-form posts presented on Twitter in the form of threads don’t get as much engagement as regular tweets that fit within the 240-character limit of the platform. There are exceptions, though. Many accounts operate within niches that are not particularly well-suited for short-form content, such as history, literature, or politics. You may find plenty of successful creators that publish longer posts, so while the general rule is that short content has a higher chance of getting engaged with, you shouldn’t disregard lengthy posts altogether. 

Can I monetize my Twitter activity in other ways? 

The Ad Revenue Sharing program isn’t the only option for creators who want to monetize their content on Twitter/X. You can try to get brand deals with companies who will pay you for promoting their products, sell merchandise, or introduce a subscription model allowing you to create exclusive content for followers who subscribe to your account for a small monthly fee. Just like the Ad Revenue Sharing program, though, all these monetization methods will only be successful if you have high enough engagement and following on the platform. 

Is Ad Revenue Sharing a good source of income? 

Estimates based on the information gathered from US-based accounts show that creators who are in the Ad Revenue Sharing program make roughly $9 per 1 million impressions. These payouts are hardly enough to live off of, and in order to make a sizable profit, you’d have to publish dozens of tweets with millions upon millions of impressions on a daily basis. Thus, while the program can certainly be a nice bonus to your monthly paycheck, if you want to live off of content creation, you might want to think of additional ways to monetize your social media activity.

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