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Social media has become part of our everyday lives. When not busy at home or in the office, you will be on your phone or any other internet-enabled gadget interacting with people in your social network. Spending some time on social media platforms has been the norm for many people to spend their free time or to buy time when traveling. But did you know that your network can comprise inactive users?

How do you keep your Twitter account organized or active? There is a need to find inactive Twitter followers and unfollow them, just like you would haul away any junk from your property. You need to identify all inactive Twitter accounts and remove them from your network.

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Find inactive Twitter followers

Find inactive Twitter followers

Many people would wish they could find all inactive Twitter followers at once. It is, no doubt, a time-consuming process to check each account individually. And even if you were to dedicate the whole year doing just that, you will not know whether they belong to inactive users or not. There is just no way of knowing when those people last tweeted or shared a tweet.

The only way to go about it is to use a Twitter management tool to help you clean up your Twitter network. They are designed to help you find all inactive Twitter accounts at once and take bulk action, thereby saving time. The Twitter tools not only help in identifying the inactive users but are also beneficial in the following ways:

  • List users without profile pictures. Such accounts are considered spam profiles and add no value to your Twitter community.
  • List all accounts with tweets in other languages that you may not understand. Such people add no value to your Twitter community.
  • List Twitter accounts with zero tweets. Such accounts are nothing but just clutter and should be on the unfollow list.
  • Schedule your tweets, delete old tweets, unlike your tweets, etc.

For very busy persons, you might not have time to use these management tools to check out who in your circle is active and who is not. In such cases, the services of Twenvy might be the best option. With it, professionals manage your Twitter account and ensure that you only have active followers.

But wait, how did you end up with a long list of inactive followers? This can be tracked down to the personal choice and settings in place in your Twitter account. You need to understand how your account got cluttered with fake followers to avoid it in the future after cleaning up everything. 

We analyze your account and give you a detailed report on some of the possible ways you ended up with inactive Twitter followers. That is the difference between using a tool and a service. With our experienced digital marketing personnel, you will get all the answers you are looking for. 

How to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts?

Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers

Twitter has introduced a program that automatically removes inactive accounts and makes usernames available. You can wait for this process, but it might take ages. The same Twitter tool you used in finding inactive and fake followers can help you unfollow inactive Twitter users.

Choose the right tool that allows batch action to save time. Some tools require subscriptions to unlock premium features. Use what works for you and within your budget. We have a list in the next section to check out.

Unfollowing inactive followers will, no doubt, reduce your Twitter network. To maintain or improve your influence, you need to gain more active followers. Twenvy’s Professionals are available to ensure that happens. Through their affordable pricing plans and tailor-made services, your Twitter followers will grow within no time. And this time, you will only have active users.

Free tools to unfollow inactive Twitter users

Free tools to unfollow inactive Twitter users

As we mentioned, finding inactive accounts and unfollowing them is a time-consuming process that you cannot do manually on the Twitter platform. Fortunately, there are third-party tools that you can use to manage all your Twitter accounts simultaneously. You can do more than just unfollow inactive Twitter users with these tools.

The following are the top-rated Twitter management tools:

  • Audiense
  • Untweeps
  • ManageFilter
  • Circleboom
  • Crowdfire
  • Tweepi
  • iUnfollow
  • Unfollower Stats 
  • Unfollowspy


It is a good practice to clean up your Twitter account. Using a manual process or Twitter tools give you a more active community that can engage in tweets, retweets, and improve the authority and influence of your profile. Unfollow inactive Twitter accounts to improve your Twitter and social media presence. But you need to replace them with only active users who can help your Twitter community grow and be more engaging.

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