Twitter Super Follows to Let You Charge for Tweets

Twitter has over 199 million active daily users, 73.2 million of which are from the United States. The site has garnered a lot of users for being the best platform in bringing the news and hot topics and being a free-to-use social media platform. The company now plans to monetize its huge number of users to entice more creators onto the site and keep prominent Twitter users active on the platform.

In a virtual event back in February of 2021, the company announced the introduction of the concept of a paid subscription called Super Follows. It mimics the subscriptions provided by other sites like OnlyFans, Patreon, and Twitch to name a few. This will hopefully lure more content creators onto the platform.

As of June 2021, Twitter has opened the doors to applications for the initial test group for Super Follows. Participants are still limited to the U.S. and the Super Follows feature will only be available right now to iOS users.

What Is Twitter Super Follows?

Super Follows is a subscription program that has 3 price points, $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month. Each tier offers the followers special content and privileges. It is up to the creator to tailor the contents of the tiers.

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer and tech blogger, has uncovered the look of a Twitter profile with the new Super Follow feature. The Twitter Super Follow button will appear when you click on the plus icon (+) beside the Follow button. The other option is to have the Super Follow button appear on the profile if the user is already a follower.

Users may then click the Super Follow button and choose to subscribe to any of the 3 different tiers offered by the creator.

For the initial test, creators are expected to provide their Super Followers with these perks:

·       Special badges – Your Twitter Super Followers will get a badge that will identify them when they comment or reply to your Tweets. This will make them stand out, and it will be easier to spot and reply to their comments.

·       Bonus content – Super Followers will get access to sneak peeks, exclusive content, and Tweets that only they can see.

Twitter wants its creators to be creative about the add-ons and incentives that they will offer to their subscribers. Some examples are exclusive Q and A sessions and behind-the-scenes footage.

Benefits of Twitter Super Follows

·       For content creators, having Super Followers means they get a steady income every month. Twitter will split a portion of the subscription fees each month with the creators. The amount will be determined by various factors and should not be expected to have the same computations every time.

·       The creators will also have the option to add a Tip button to their profile.

How to join the Twitter Super Follows program

To be eligible to apply for the program, the account holder must be located in the United States, 18 years or older, should have at least 10,000 followers, and have posted at least 25 Tweets in the past 30 days.

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Other features on Twitter

·       Ticketed Spaces

Along with the roll-out of Super Follows, Twitter is also introducing Ticketed Spaces. It serves as an online venue for live audio events. The host can create a Ticketed Space event and charge admission tickets ranging from $1 up to $999.  

Users who are eligible for Ticketed Spaces should be based in the United States, must have at least 1,000 followers, and should have hosted at least 3 Spaces in the last 30 days.

·       Twitter Blue

Another premium feature that Twitter has already rolled out in Canada and Australia is Twitter Blue.

The most notable feature of this monthly subscription is the Undo button that enables the user to undo a posted Tweet. Twitter Blue also provides the subscriber a Reader mode that makes long threads easier to view. Users get folders wherein they can save and organize their bookmarks. Users also get to customize the app icon and the color themes on the mobile app. More features will be added in the future, the company says.

A monthly subscription costs $3.49 in Canada and $4.49 in Australia. For iOS users in the U.S., the feature is available as an in-app purchase for $2.99 per month. As for the availability of Twitter Blue to the rest of its users, the company still hasn’t said anything.


Paid subscriptions work to fund content creators and their work. Hopefully, this new scheme that lets loyal followers have a more direct way to provide monetary support to their idols will catch on in the free platform.

Maddie Schultz
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