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Halloween is something everyone celebrates, so why not use it as a springboard to launch your brand to more traffic and exposure. How do you take advantage of Halloween on Twitter, you ask? Well, come the Halloween season, Halloween and everything about it will always be one of the hottest trending topics in the whole of Twitter-verse. By piggybacking your brand on the excitement of this spooky festivity, you will be able to garner the attention and traffic that Halloween itself attracts.

There will always be trending, popular Twitter hashtags and keywords on Halloween that your brand can latch on to. All you need is a little creative thinking, and you can tailor-fit tweets that both works for your campaign and is at the same time Halloween-themed.

Aside from hashtags, other tricks can get you some exposure. Decorating your profile, using spooky emoticons, and promoting your special Halloween products or services on Twitter will also be a treat.

Why Do Hashtags Matter So Much?

Hashtags matter so much because hashtags make you trend! If your brand trends, then you have the whole world of Twitter as your captive audience for whatever it is you want to say, sell or promote.

A Halloween campaign is specifically easier to accomplish and achieve success with because Halloween is something everybody is aware of. Take advantage of this by riding the hype of Halloween by dressing all your campaigns this time of the year in the Halloween spirit.

Popular Twitter Hashtags on Halloween drive traffic to your brand because nothing else trends harder on Halloween than Halloween hashtags.

Halloween is something almost everyone is aware of, and it is time to reach even beyond your target audience.

Pro Tip: Use relevant hashtags to whatever season is coming up, and you will get the benefit of being trending without too much effort. As a social media platform that prioritizes topics or hashtags that have a sudden spike in traffic, Twitter will surely give priority to your campaign that will include info that contains #Halloween, or #Happy Halloween, but that is just the basics.

It is time you get to know and use the other hashtags that will garner success for your campaigns this Halloween season.

Twitter Halloween hashtags that you should use this Halloween season


This classic will surely trend on Halloween, easy. It is a hashtag strategy that will not need hashtag analytics because of its practicality. What else do people say on Halloween, anyway but Happy Halloween!


A more definitive hashtag that immediately tells your audience that your campaign is now and is current.


If it is relevant to your Halloween Twitter campaign, use this hashtag and tweet some ways your target audience can amp up their spook game at their Halloween party!

#HalloweenParty & #HalloweenParty2021

Everybody is going to a hip Halloween party on Halloween eve, and be sure to include elements into your campaign that will align with a great Halloween party.


Everyone going to a Halloween party is going in a Halloween costume, for sure! Ride the influx of tweets about Halloween costumes coming this Halloween.


Probably the most fun activity for Halloween, this catchy hashtag will surely trend. Use it in relevant trick-or-treat tweets for your Halloween campaign and watch traffic to your brand grow!


Don’t forget this classic.

Tips For a Successful Halloween Twitter Campaign

  • Be about Halloween before, during, and after Halloween

Begin your Twitter Halloween campaign way before the specific dates of Halloween.  Build up the anticipation by being all about Halloween. Maintain this excitement to stay relevant in the minds of your relevant audience. 

  • Talk to a wider audience

Everybody celebrates Halloween, so you should post Tweets as if you were talking to everybody. Treat your Halloween campaign as your chance to widen your reach beyond your niche. 

  • Use Halloween Visuals and Embrace the Halloween Spirit

It is very relatable for everyone on Twitter to see any kind of Halloween visuals around the Halloween season. Make your Halloween Twitter campaign relatable by keeping everything Halloween-themed with Halloween visuals like pics, gifts, and videos for the entirety of the Halloween season. Try retweeting user-generated content that is Halloween-themed, if only to keep your campaign more Halloween-y.  

  • Have Fun!

Halloween is all about having fun, so might as well have fun yourself. Let your creative juices flow by getting into the Halloween spirit when thinking of elements and tweets to include in your Halloween Twitter campaign. 

Free Campaign!

A Twitter Halloween campaign is such an easy thing to do and accomplish because of its familiarity with all of us. Anything Halloween is viewed positively and with fond affection by everyone. Be sure to take advantage of this by having a Twitter Halloween campaign that is fun and filled with relevant Halloween hashtags, and you will not just have the results you want, but have lots of fun, as well.

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