Twitter is the most popular social media when it comes to getting the latest news and trending topics. As of April 2021, there are over 199 million monetizable daily active monthly users on the platform. In the United States alone, there are 73.2 million active users of the microblogging site.

All the platform’s features are free to use for everyone. The freedom and ease to connect with your friends, with the local government, and even with world-famous celebrities is what attracts users to the site.

Earlier this year in a virtual event, the company announced the rollout of new paid subscriptions on the site. The new features are about to bring major changes to the Twitter experience.

Then on the 3rd of June 2021, Twitter Blue was launched in Canada and Australia. There is still no tentative date given by the company of when the service will be available to the rest of its user base. But for now, iOS users in those two locations are enjoying the new features.

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What is Twitter Blue and what features does it include?

One of the first paid features to be introduced to the public is Twitter Blue. This is considered a premium service that lets subscribers have more freedom in using Twitter. It is designed to provide additional features that will make using the platform much more enjoyable.

Some of the key features include letting the Twitter Blue subscriber undo a Tweet, bookmarking your favorite Tweets, and customizing the look of your app. This adds more dimension to the user experience on the site.

How much does Twitter Blue cost?

Twitter Blue is only currently available in 2 locations, Australia and Canada. The monthly cost of this feature is AUD 4.49 and CAD 3.49 respectively. The U.S. and the rest of the world still have to wait for it to be available to them and await the price tag for each region.

Pros of Twitter Blue

Twitter is a bit simpler than other social media sites. The news feed and user interface are straightforward. It has remained the same for years and will still stay that way. While these basic features will continue to be available for free users of the site, Twitter Blue subscribers will have more control over their accounts.  

Here is a closer look at what this paid subscription contains.

  • Undo Tweet

Subscribed users have the option to undo a Tweet that they have just posted. The feature gives the user a maximum of 30 seconds before the Tweet is posted publicly. If you’ve had a change of heart or you simply want to revise your Tweet, this feature comes in handy. You may also use it to test what your post would look like before making it public.

To turn on the Undo feature:

  1. Click your display pic to reveal the Profile menu.
  2. Tap on Twitter Blue.
  3. Under Feature settings, choose Undo Tweet.
  4. You may set the time allotted for up to 30 seconds.
  • Bookmark Folders

This Twitter Blue feature lets subscribers have a more organized space on Twitter. It lets the user create folders in which they can save the Tweets they find on the site. The option to make multiple folders gives the user room to organize their saved stuff. They can have a folder for inspirational Tweets, one for cute or funny memes, another for stunning photos, and the list goes on. This feature is sure to please the obsessive organizers and sentimental individuals.

To create your Bookmark folders:

  1. On your Profile menu, select Bookmarks.
  2. Choose the New Folder icon located at the bottom of the page.
  3. Type in a name for the folder you want to make.
  4. Hit Create.

To add Tweets to a folder:

  1. Under the Tweet, click the Share icon.
  2. Select Add to Folder, then choose which folder you want to put it in.
  • Reader Mode

This feature converts threads into an “easy-to-read text” that makes it easier for users to read long conversations.

To enjoy this new reading experience:

1. Tap the Tweet that you would like to read to show the full details.

2. Hit the Reader Mode icon to toggle the feature On and Off.

  • Additional Perks
  1. Users can customize the app icons displayed on the home screen of their device.
  2. Color themes are now available for the app.
  3. Subscribers have access to dedicated subscription customer support.

Twitter Blue: Is it worth paying?

For all those additional features that the Twitter Blue subscription offers, it is definitely a good deal for just a measly monthly fee. You get customization and organizational freedom on your account.

The company also promised to add more features in the future.

How to subscribe to Twitter Blue

Currently, the new subscription service is only available to iOS device users. No need to install a separate application, you will only need the existing Twitter app. So, for those lucky ones who have early access to the feature, you may follow these steps to sign up for Twitter Blue.

  1. Open the Twitter mobile app and sign in to your account. If you do not have the app yet, you may download the iOS version here.
  2. Open your profile menu by tapping on your display photo.
  3. Then choose Twitter Blue.
  4. Hit the blue Subscribe button.
  5. Complete the in-app payment process to start your subscription.

To check if you are already subscribed, you may open your Profile menu. On the Twitter Blue settings page, you will see a check icon confirming that your account subscription is active.

Final thoughts

Twitter’s services that users have come to love will remain free to use. Availing of the paid subscriptions will only enhance the experience of its users. It will not marginalize anyone behind a paywall.

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