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Before we can dive deep into the methods of optimizing your social network profiles, it is imperative that we first define social media optimization. SMO, in short, is the process of managing and boosting a brand’s online presence using social media. Optimization propagates brand products and services awareness, builds relationships with clients, and increases social media conversions.

What Is the Social Media Conversion Rate, and Why Is It Important?

define social media optimization

Another marketing jargon that we will demystify next is social media conversion rate. As we have mentioned before, optimization aims to increase your online conversions. This means that it is designed to make your social media audience perform a desired action, which is usually to purchase your product. It aims to convert consumer interest into purchase intent, as an example.

Your social media conversion rate would then be the percentage of people who have interacted with your post or visited your website that has successfully been converted. In figures, this would be calculated by getting the number of purchases and dividing it by the total number of web page visitors.

            40 people who purchased your products
1,000   total audience
0.04   x   100%    =   4% conversion rate

Knowing your conversion rate provides a clear and measurable figure to determine the performance of your campaigns on social media platforms.

According to social media experts, about 2% to 5% is the average conversion rate of small to midsized businesses (SMBs). But if you’re aiming to be really successful, you should target a 10% or higher conversion rate.

Social Media Optimization: The Principle of Work

In social media optimization, you need to set measurable goals for your brand. Once you have identified what you want to achieve, you can start formulating a strategy to reach those goals.

A streamlined social media conversion strategy can dramatically increase a brand’s follower count, engagement rate, and conversions. A marketing expert can identify which areas need work to optimize a brand’s online presence.

One of the common issues of social media marketing is matching their online content strategy to their business goals. A good social media manager will be able to achieve the goals of a business with a proper SMO strategy.

The key is to know what your target audience wants, how you can provide good customer service to them, and, last but not least, understand how social media algorithms work.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Conversions?

social media conversions

Now, let’s get on to how you can optimize social media profiles to boost your social media conversions. These are easy enough to do that even new business owners can accomplish.

Make a Competitive Analysis

The world of business is cutthroat. The way to survive and come out on top is to know your competitors so that you can become better than them. Now, let’s apply that to your online marketing strategy.

First, think of the top 5 brands that offer the same products or services as you. Then, search the internet and follow all their social channels.

The next step is to gather information from their profiles and posts. Notice the number of followers they have on each networking platform. Check what types of content get the most likes, comments, and shares. These are what interests your target market, as well.

Based on your research, you should be able to create a solid social media strategy that will outdo your competitors and boost your conversion rates. More on this topic in the next section.

Build a Social Media Strategy

Every time you formulate a marketing strategy, you should always have your audience in mind. What help can you offer your target audience? What can your brand do to enhance their lives? Those are the concerns that viewers consciously think of when considering brands. If you can provide better entertainment and value than your competitors, then you may have won the consumers’ choice.

The next part of the strategy is to monitor your social media engagement. Observe which types of content garner high engagement rates. Produce more of those and build on them to retain your viewers’ attention.

Also, take note of the times when active users are on social networks to see your posts. Create a better posting schedule to match their online habits and maximize post visibility on each social media network.

Don’t Ignore CTAs

Once you have pleased your target audience with your social media content, that is the chance to collect on it. A call to action (CTA) lets your audience know what you need from them in return. Satisfied customers are more agreeable to perform actions that you request them to do. CTAs, then, are the perfect followthrough to your excellent content strategy.

Based on your current business goals, you can choose a specific action to ask from your audience. For instance, if you want to grow your follower count, you can ask them to click the subscribe or follow button. If you want to increase conversion rates, you can ask them to support your brand by purchasing your products.

Upload High-Quality Product-Related Videos

To make your brand stand out, you will need to invest in producing quality and relevant content. High-quality videos mean HD shots, good lighting and audio, and great concepts. This is something you simply cannot skimp on.

Preferred video concepts are ones that feature your products. Your videos should aim to make your product relevant to viewers. Focus on a problem that your target audience experiences. Then, show them how your product can help in solving it. Tell them what value your product will give to them. This is how you can effectively convince viewers to buy your products.

Keywords Are Vital

Using analytics tools, you can discover what popular hashtags people search for on social platforms. This powerful tool can instantly reveal what words are favored in your niche.

Once you know what relevant hashtags receive lots of views, you should use them in your post captions. It helps people who are searching for what they need to find you.

Consistency in Branding

Another integral part of social media marketing is being consistent in your branding. This entails always using your brand’s logo and color palette in all visual paraphernalia, using your brand’s persona and voice in writing your posts, attaching your brand’s unique hashtag in every post, and even using your branding in email signatures for email campaigns.

Brand recall plays an important role when consumers are trying to decide what products to purchase. Consistent branding reinforces your presence in people’s minds. Of course, you want your brand to be the first thing they think of when they want to buy something.

User-generated Marketing

Another popular marketing effort you may often notice is brand contests. These contests require followers to like/follow the brand’s social accounts, like the contest post, upload their user-generated content, use the brand’s hashtag, tag their friends in the post, and then share the post with the public. In return, participants receive prizes and admiration from other brand community members.

This type of strategy covers most of what you need to do to optimize your social profiles. That is why marketers love to hold online contests. The audience does most of the marketing work for them.

Optimizing your social media profiles is a must if you desire business growth. Work hard in increasing your social presence to improve your social media conversions greatly. The task might seem daunting. But by following these tips from social media marketers and getting assistance from experts at Twenvy, your brand can definitely gain an edge in your business niche.

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