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Early in the 2010s when the FTC or the US Federal Trade Commission has not yet deemed having fake Twitter followers illegal, the world of social media was a place where no activity of this sort could get you in trouble with the law. There was no stigma with buying followers, and it was quite the standard step to take as an influencer if you wanted your Twitter to look credible, established, and influential. Having a padded following made up of thousands of fake accounts even got you sponsors and endorsement deals that made a career on social media easier and possible.

But things have changed these days in 2021; the FTC has now enacted and rolled out laws that consider amassing a fake following illegal. If you are one of the Twitter users who have employed the use of fake or inactive accounts and bot accounts, it’s about time you remove fake Twitter followers.

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remove fake Twitter followers

Why Should One Weed Out Fake and Ghost Followers on a Twitter Account?

Because Spam Accounts and Fake Followers Make You Feel Important 

If your thousands of fake Twitter followers make you feel important, you need help. Remove all your fake followers, and you could still help yourself. If you can’t delete them yourself, ask someone else to do it. Your Twitter account with your fake following has made you delusional and has not been healthy for your mental wellbeing.

You Don’t want to be Called a Fraud or a Fakefluencer

Since public awareness has changed negatively towards fake followers, Twitter accounts that rely on buying bots or spam accounts for their financial gain or social media influence have been called frauds and fakes. We are sure no one wants to be called those. Protect your reputation as an online influencer. It’s about time you remove fake Twitter followers.

You Get Slapped with Legal Sanctions

The FTC considers using fake followers a hoax and together with the Federal government, they now use techniques and software that spots fake followers on Twitter or other social networks. The FTC enforces sanctions on offenders who violate the FTC’s rules and regulations regarding fake followers and if you want to save yourself the embarrassment and trouble of getting these sanctions, remove your fake followers as soon as possible.

You Get Zero Interaction from Fake Followers

Today, brands, sponsors, and potential endorsements are as informed as ever and value real interaction like comments, comments, and retweets over just having thousands of followers that don’t interact with your Twitter account. Brands and sponsors are now smarter and only strike deals with Twitter accounts with real followers that have organic interactions that get them the mileage in social media exposure. 

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You Lose your Real Followers

When you use Twitter services that make use of fake Twitter accounts, you run the risk of losing your real followers to the overwhelming spam sent to them by these phony Twitter services. These services want access to real Twitter users, so they can send them spam and advertising garbage. This will just annoy your real Twitter followers and will force them to unfollow you because your Twitter account becomes a spam pit and nobody wants any part in that.

How to Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter

If you have been buying fake followers for some time and have amassed thousands of these phony fans, you might find it discouraging to manually remove each fake account that follows you on Twitter. Thankfully, there are now several methods and services that give you an easier way of cleansing your account of these fake followers.

1.  Twitter Audit

Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter 1

This simple-to-use website just needs your Twitter handle to detect how many of your followers are fake. Twitter Audit also has analytics that shows your audit score and graphs how authentic your followers are. The website’s basic services are free and you get a broad picture of the percentage of fake to real followers you have.

Although this Twitter Audit tool is very helpful in giving you the bigger picture of your Twitter following’s fakeness, the site’s free features don’t pinpoint which accounts among your following should be deleted.  The Premium features include analyzing each of your followers, blocking spammy, fake followers, and also lets you audit anyone on Twitter.

2. Botometer

Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter 2

Formerly known as Bot or Not, this website lets you check the authenticity of every Twitter handle you enter in the text box. Its features include checking an account’s followers, friends, and shows you the account’s activity for you to judge if the account is real or a bot account.

3. Cancel All your Subscriptions to Fake Twitter Growth Services

Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter 3

Proactively bar any more fake followers that may follow you by canceling your subscriptions to scrupulous growth services that do not give you genuine followers. Only enlist the help of a Twitter growth service that diverts only real Twitter users to your Twitter account.

4. Do it Manually

Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter 4

If you don’t want to delete your Twitter account, then be willing to manually weed out each fake follower on your Twitter. This might take a while but might prove worth it in the end. Just make sure to do it fast enough before you get slapped with sanctions by the FTC.

5. Delete Your Twitter Account

Get Rid of All your Fake Followers on Twitter 5

If it ever comes to the point that it becomes just too hard to clean out your Twitter account of the fake followers you would want to remove, consider deleting your Twitter account altogether and start over. It might take a long time to organically build a new Twitter following, but the benefits will all prove advantageous in the end. 

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Respect Your Twitter

Respect your Twitter because this is the place where you expand your influence and income online. Having a clean and organic Twitter account will pay dividends by allowing you all kinds of opportunities that you won’t get when you go fake. 

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