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Social media has the power to convert your non-celeb status into a celeb! You can be in the spotlight overnight, and Twitter is considered the most effective social media platform for this purpose. You can thrust your presence into the spotlight by influencing many people and putting your efforts into a good cause. No matter if you’re using Twitter for business, marketing, or to influence the people, a Twitter Verified Account will always help you boost your presence. No wonder why the total number of users reaches above 330 million on Twitter with the US being in the top having 69 million audience reach!

Twitter has gone one step further now, as you can apply for your Twitter Verification and get your blue tick on the profile. But have you ever wondered what a Twitter Verification means to an individual? Or what are the perks of having the Twitter account verified? If so, we’ve got the answers for you. In this article, you’ll get to know how you can verify accounts on Twitter and some steps to keep your account verified for longer. Let’s delve into further details.

What does the Twitter Verification mean?

What does the Twitter Verification mean

Twitter’s Verified Account will have the blue badge with a white tick in front of the username. The blue badge symbolizes, twitter verified symbol, that your account is verified, and you’ll be recognized as a real and verified Twitter user. The Twitter accounts which are eligible for the verification process should be genuine, credible, and authentic – that’s what precisely the Twitter Verification means.

Moreover, if you’re interested in knowing about Twitter’s Verification, here’s what you need to know. Having a blue tick on your profile means that you’re not impersonating, manipulating, and spamming anyone. However, it must be noted that only Twitter officials can verify your account, and no one else can! You should not contact any third party to proceed with your Twitter verification process. Otherwise, your account will get suspended.

Make sure you know these things about Twitter Verification:

Make sure you know these things about Twitter Verification

Don’t get betrayed:

There is no need to get betrayed by any third-party organization and the ones who are claiming to provide you a blue check. Only Twitter officials can provide you with this service.

Twitter Badge remains the same always:

The Twitter badges never change. They always remain the same and exhibit the same color and shape on every profile.

Account Exposure doesn’t matter:

Twitter’s terms and conditions for getting your account verified; the number of followers and number of tweets are not considered.

What are the benefits of having Twitter Verified?

What are the benefits of having Twitter Verified

Getting Twitter verified comes with several advantages! You can enjoy all the perks of being a celeb in town, and on top of all that, you’ll be considered credible. Here are some benefits in detail!

Credibility and reliability:

The Twitter platform is full of uncertain news and fake profiles. Real profiles are scarce and even ignored sometimes due to heavy traffic to the fake ones. Thus, distinguishing between the fake and real ones, the Twitter Verification badge plays a significant role. Blue verified badge lets everyone know about your credibility and reliability in this social media cloud. Moreover, Twitter will verify that the account is not run by the bot or impersonators, assuring the audience that this blue check account is genuine.


Your account will be verified only when the officials find it authentic and real as per the Twitter rules and regulations. It means that your audience exposure and posts reach will be enhanced right away after receiving the blue tick, as your audience will know that you’re not spamming or misleading your followers.

Public Interest:

After receiving the Blue badge by Twitter, your followers’ number will experience an upsurge. The new audience will get an idea that your profile is of public interest and you’re influencing the people for a good cause.

How to get verified on Twitter? A step-by-step guide!

How to get verified on Twitter

Many of you might find it struggling to get the blue badge on your Twitter profile! That’s not the case at all if you’re following all the steps correctly. Twitter is trying to focus on spreading credible and valuable information; thus, make sure that your profile fulfills this criterion first. Here how to become verified on twitter:

twitter verification tweet


Who can verify the account of Twitter?

First, you should be aware that not everyone can get the blue tick on the Twitter profile. Your account must deliver the optimum and authentic information, and it should fulfill the terms and conditions of Twitter. There are generally six types of personnel who can get their account verified on Twitter which includes:

  1. Government personnel
  2. Brands and organizations
  3. Sports channel and pages
  4. Entertainment
  5. News organizations
  6. Influencers

How to verify Twitter account? Step-by-step guide:

How to verify Twitter account

You can use it for account verification from both the mobile as well as Twitter’s official site. Here are some steps you need to follow to get your account verified.

  1. Click on the three-dot icon present on the screen 
  2. Once the menu opens, click on the “Settings and Privacy” section.
  3. You’ll find the “Account information” there, and you can select the Verification request right away.
  4. Once you click on the button, the request form will be opened.

5. Fill the form and submit your request to the Twitter Official Team, and they’ll get back to you. You might have to wait for 30 days in some scenarios.

What if you don’t find the “Verification Button”?

From May 20, 2021, onwards, Twitter will be rolling out the Twitter verification request button for every authentic profile on its own. However, if you’re not getting the Twitter verification button in your profile, don’t worry! Wait for some time, and you’ll be able to apply soon.

How can you increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter?

How can you increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter

Make sure you’re engaging with the audience:

Don’t spam and tweet sporadically! You should make sure that your profile is active and is engaging with the public’s latest interests. Also, make sure that you’re engaging in the common causes by retweeting or liking the other’s tweets.

Optimized Brand Profile:

Next, make sure that your brand or business’s profile is updated and optimized. It would be best to write a brief but engaging description of your brand, including the complete contact information and the official business website. You can also pin a tweet on your profile to inform the new visiting audience about your brand.

Engagement and Reliability:

Take part in the latest conversations and issues which are trending at that time. Show your credible presence by giving your opinion, asking questions, making polls, and mentioning the real cause. On the other hand, make sure that the bots and impersonators are not running your account. Keep everything authentic and credible. Are you worried about your Twitter followers? You can get a 100% original, genuine, and organic reach from Twenvy. 

Open Tweets- With photos and videos:

Twitter users can change their privacy settings to protect their tweets from the public. But as a brand, organization, or even an influencer, you must not hide your tweets from the public to improve your exposure. You can add a description to your tweets to express your opinion. However, adding images or videos to showcase your physical expressions and body language can boost your engagement.

Utilize Twitter Analytics:

Twitter analytics will provide you an in-depth view of your statistics to let you know about your profile’s engagement. You can check the analytics and analyze your growth, latest tweets’ engagement, new followers, weekly reach, and more.

How to keep your account verified for long? Some important tips to follow!

How to keep your account verified for long

Do not Betray:

Make sure that you don’t contact any third-party organization for the blue tick! Only Twitter officials are providing the blue verification badge, and you must apply for Twitter verification on the official site. Also, do not try to betray your followers with the edited version of the cover photo with a fake blue check.

Misleading will destroy your reliability:

Your audience trusts you and will vouch for your credibility and reliability! It would be best if you don’t mislead your followers, and once your account was deemed authentic, you must prove it right. Do not be mean to someone without any reason and always speak up for a good cause.

Keep the Original Name:

Do not change your account’s name every often! Changing your Twitter name, bio and description might mislead your followers and regular audience. Also, do not alter the primary purpose of your account. Once you put forward the public application for your Twitter profile verification, you must fulfill what your audience expects from you in real-time.


Whether you’re running a business or want to influence people with your knowledge or deeds, getting a blue verification badge will double your engagement. You can reach up to more audiences and increase your overall exposure. You can apply anytime for the verification process from the Account Settings Tab after the May 20, 2021 update rollout by Twitter.

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