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Growing your followers in X (former Twitter) from scratch is challenging, knowing how many users there are. At the same time, this social media offers a plethora of opportunities to reach out to pools of people and boost your brand awareness.

X (Twitter) follower count is a direct link to your credibility, authority, and organic search. More Twitter followers equal more visibility on the platform. So, it’s in your interest to invest your time and effort in X (former Twitter) to grow your audience and promote your brand.

What are the ways to gain followers on Twitter (now X)? Find the most effective tips in this detailed guide – you’ll be surprised how easy it is to gain X followers following the tips and tricks described below.

*Note that Twitter was replaced by X on July 23, 2023. In this guide, I will be using Twitter and X interchangeably.

Boost Your X (Former Twitter) Followers

No matter what type of business you’re in, building your Twitter community can help you grow an online audience and promote your brand. 

Twitter is considered one of the most popular and active social media platforms. This platform has earned its place, having over one billion registered users. And as of January 2024, X (Twitter) has had 619 million monthly active members. You’re sure to tap into your customer base and trending topics. 

The only problem with growing more Twitter followers fast is that it demands a lot of effort and time, not to mention being consistently active and engaged with X users.

Unless you are a celebrity or a popular influencer, it is quite difficult to get natural followers to affect your brand. A large following indicates that potential customers can trust your brand or company. And this is what I will help you achieve in this guide.
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10 Simple Ways How to Get Followers on Twitter (Now X)

1. Perfect Your Profile

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 1

Before anyone follows your brand or company, they must take a glance at your X profile.

It is important to perfect your bio because X bios are indexed by search engines, meaning your profile will be the first contact between you and your customers. 

Although setting up your Twitter profile may seem like a simple task, there are different ways in which you can optimize it to suit your needs. So, before anything, ensure that your Twitter bio is fully completed and optimized, in particular: 

  • Keyword-friendly bio
  • Link to your website 
  • Change the color scheme from default to the one suitable for your brand
  • Upload a header image of your brand 

To win your potential customer’s trust, you must convey credibility and trustworthiness, especially if you are looking to reach the masses. Use a username that is similar to your brand to avoid confusing people about what you are advertising.

Given enough time, you may even get verified!

2. Tweet Interesting Content

A man creating a post on X

Not sure what to post on Twitter (now X)? Sometimes, brands feel clueless about what to post. Let’s fix it here.

First, ensure that you fully understand the content marketing your brand needs

Differentiate between the type of content to be posted on Twitter and which one should be posted on other social media sites like LinkedIn. Start by determining Twitter demographics and how they match your target audience. Your customer base may be interested in:

  • Never-seen-before deals 
  • Upcoming sales 
  • Upcoming services/products
  • Limited discounts 

Second, use Twitter chat to ask your audience some questions and garner engagement

The question can be related to your brand or just a tweet to keep the conversation going. Also, use your account to announce new exciting news related to your brand. This will keep your audience alert while waiting for an upcoming launch of new features. 
Finally, with the limited space that you have, make sure to make your thread visually appealing. Empower your threads with calls to action buttons so that readers can visit your official website.

3. Post at the Right Times

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 3

Speaking of the right timing, posting when your audience is asleep won’t help you get more Twitter followers.

To get maximum engagement and views, you need to know the best times to post on any social media platform like Twitter. On average, the best time to post on X is:

  • Weekdays, especially Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Between 8-10 AM and 6-9 PM, or you can post earlier in the morning and later at night (7-9 AM and 8-11 PM).
Twitter’s most engaging time

Your audience may be active at a different time, so it is best to run a test and see when your niche starts buzzing the most.

Getting more followers involves scheduling your tweets when users are more active and can retweet throughout the day before your threads get replaced by newer tweets.

4. Tweet Frequently and Consistently

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 4

Due to the dynamic nature of X (Twitter) and the popularity of short content, you must post more frequently, almost daily, for maximum visibility on the platform. 

To gain more Twitter followers, you need to tweet several times a day to keep your followers informed and engaged. According to Twitter Sentiment Analysis, if you want more engagement on each of your tweets, then you should aim for 3-5 tweets per day, depending on your goals.

However, it is recommended not to overdo the tweets unless there is a specific reason for frequent updates. There is a thin line between being informative and spammy – crossing it may cost you followers.

5. Use Hashtags When Posting

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 5

Tweets with relevant hashtags (# sign) get at least three times more engagement and will help you grow Twitter followers faster than those without hashtags.

A hashtag can be described as a keyword that follows a pound sign placed within your tweets. When tweeting, using a hashtag is the most powerful tool that any marketer could use, but it tends to be underrated. They help you reach a more relevant audience who is most likely interested in your products or services.

Hashtags are a great way to increase your following because they allow you to reach a much larger audience that may have been difficult to reach on your own. You get to target a specific group of people interested in your niche or brand. And if you cannot do it, hire a social media marketer who will be in charge of all your social networks.

Hashtags aren’t just random keywords you add to your thread. They serve many different purposes as:

  • Linking conversation to a campaign
  • Grouping content around an event or upcoming updates
  • Organizing your content by groups or topics 

A hashtag sign can help customers navigate only when it’s created appropriately. Here are the best practices to keep in mind: 

  • Keep your hashtags clear and concise 
  • Don’t overuse them; stick to a maximum of two hashtags per post 
  • Make your hashtags readable with capital letters, underscores, or hyphens

6. Keep the Followers Engaged

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 6

What is the point of having lots of followers if they aren’t engaged with your tweets? 

Ensure that you engage in relevant conversations that will make your brand get noticed. If you engage in tweets that form the trending topics in your niche, then you can establish your brand or company as an expert that people want to follow.

Here is what you can do to increase engagement with your audience: 

  • Spark a discussion on tweets that can help start a conversation 
  • Answer questions
  • Share your expertise
  • Repost what others in the industry tweet 
  • Reply to customers’ mentions  

Use social listening tools to find out the trending topics related to your brand, which will help you find a meaningful conversation that can help you grow your Twitter followers.

7. Post More Visual Content

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 7

If you are not aware, tweets that contain visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets. Try using the following visuals available on X:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • GIFs
  • Emojis 
  • Graphic quotes
  • Infographics 
  • Twitter polls 

Visual content can help your brand communicate more with each tweet. It is also one of the best ways to get followers on Twitter and get them to repost your threads. Make sure that your videos are optimized for mobile to attract new Twitter followers.

It is good to post tweets with images and videos to get the most engagement. The more engaging the content, the more people will want to follow you.

8. Optimize your Twitter Account

How to Get More Followers on Twitter 8

It is considered that up to 15% of the tweets are suspected to be bots; therefore, proving that your brand or company on X is run by real people is important. 

When an X user clicks on your account, the first thing they see is your bio. Your task is to present your brand from its best side. The information you put in your bio will convince a potential customer to follow you. 

The credibility and trustworthiness of your profile directly impact whether you will gain Twitter followers or not. 
Add an appropriate profile picture or the brand logo, a header to represent your business, and an account description to optimize your Twitter account. This will help you get more followers on Twitter. In addition, pin your most popular Tweet that will remain at the top of your timeline for new followers to see.

9. Bring Value to Your Followers

An iphone screen with social media apps

How can you get more followers on Twitter if you only post about products? Twitter can be your additional marketplace to sell your products – however, it is unlikely to generate organic engagement with your followers. 

Consider contributing to your customer base with knowledgeable information about your niche or find a way to entertain your audience so that it is encouraged to open your post every time a notification pops up. 

10. Join Twitter Communities

If you have defined your audience, then you know what Twitter community you would fit effortlessly into. Twitter communities are congregated by hashtags or existing groups, so adding a relevant hashtag to your threads will allow you to join in conversations. 

Communities are a perfect way to find followers who share your values and may benefit from your products and services. 

If you already have a good number of followers, create your own community and engage with your audience there.

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How to Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

Creating threads of content may seem easy compared to keeping your followers engaged. Here at Twenvy, I want to share some tips on how to get Twitter followers to retweet, comment, and share. 

When looking for new followers, your main aim should be to retain the existing customers and encourage new people to follow. To keep your audience engaged, you need to:

  • Make your content exclusive
  • Encourage the sharing of tweets to promote your brand
  • A link to problem-solving content
  • Answer customers’ calls for help
  • Optimize your header image and blog titles for tweets

The aim of creating a Twitter account is to boost information-sharing activities and become an authority within your niche. This will help your brand or company attract new followers looking for trusted experts to follow.

What to Avoid When Growing Your Twitter Followers

When promoting your business, ensure that you don’t spam your followers’ feeds. This means that you have to avoid sending repeated tweets about your brand.

Also, watch what you say. Your brand should avoid controversial topics like politics and religion to avoid losing some followers who might have a different opinion. Avoid using words that may be offensive to others because you’re representing your business, and it has to be professional.

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Why You Need to Grow Twitter Followers

Twitter has a large user base, which could turn into your potential customers. In return, you can guarantee that your rate of visibility will also increase. As a result, genuine followers will trust your brand, share it with their friends, and get excited any time you announce a new product or service. 

Your brand credibility will spread beyond Twitter and be recognized across search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Besides, when you get more followers on X, you are bound to benefit from other advantages of social media: 

Brand Awareness

I know that every business is looking for a way to increase its brand awareness. This is because an increase in brand awareness helps widen your business reach globally, making more people aware and interested in your brand.

A Twitter account with lots of followers is a great marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. It speeds up the marketing process, thus giving you enough time to evaluate your marketing strategy. 

Increased Traffic and Communication

More followers mean that more people will be reading your tweets, thus increasing the traffic to your blog post or website. 

If you are seriously looking at how to get a huge following, then it means you need a Twitter account with regular updates to increase your customers and sales and reach your goals. More followers mean that you have gained popularity, which will boost your traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction. 

Effective Marketing

Getting more followers on Twitter means that you will have an opportunity to speed up your marketing process. 

Twitter has a large following, which may be useful to build your brand. Start by following people who put value on your brand and can be part of your Twitter community. You can also use this platform to give your brand a voice and a personality.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter Easily and Quicky

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Twenvy reaches out to the audience that shares the same interests and values as your brand and encourages them to check out your account. 

Our professional team approaches every project individually and attracts real organic followers that we are sure will find your brand relevant and useful. All you need to do is provide us with information about your brand, interests, and relevant topics to discuss.

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Final Word

Gaining more followers on Twitter ultimately boils down to having a solid account with a well-presented profile and engaging quality content. Having a thorough strategy in place will also help you reach a bigger audience and maintain their activity on your page. 

Moreover, the people you target to see in your followers’ list can potentially be converted into a loyal customer base. 

There are so many ways you can attract followers to your Twitter account. It is important to keep your followers interested in your brand and ensure that you reward them regularly. This will not only help you get Twitter followers but also increase the interactivity and engagement your profile carries.

If you want to accelerate the process and yield the results of a big audience as soon as possible, there is no better organic growth service than Twenvy! Get a free trial now to see the result for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more followers on Twitter?

To get more followers on Twitter/X, you should refer to my tips described above and apply them to your business. Following only one suggestion is not enough to get you enough visibility and credibility, so consider implementing all of the above. 

How can I engage with my followers?

There are many ways to engage your followers on Twitter (now X), from asking questions to your audience and retweeting their replies to creating a poll. Research your audience demographics and see what engagement methods would work best for them. 

How should I write my bio?

Your bio is limited to 160 characters, which is roughly 25 to 32 words. Naturally, there is not enough space to write the whole history of your brand. However, it is enough to succinctly describe the niche where you work and your values. 

Additionally, you should upload your company’s logo and a header photo to make your profile visually appealing. Pinning your most popular thread to the top is also a good idea.

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