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What is a user’s Twitter follower limit in a day? Is there even a limited number of users that can follow you in 24 hours? 500 people? 2,000 people? 5,000 accounts per day? What happens when your Twitter account hits that limit for a day? Does the surplus of people who want to follow you be automatically added as your followers the next day? Or do they just have to manually come back and try again tomorrow if they really want to follow you? You have got to be all sorts of famous if this happens to you every day. Maybe that’s how it is like to be a celebrity. “Celebrity problems,” they say!  

Apparently, celebrities or other entities with a massive Twitter following are not imposed a limited number of followers per day. The social media platform allows for an unlimited number of Twitter accounts to follow you daily. Aside from that, your Twitter account can have an unlimited number of followers. Pretty useful if you plan to build a celebrity, a business, a brand, or anything that plans to use Twitter growth for profit.

What is limited, though, is the number of people you can follow per day. Twitter has also set a limit on the number of daily direct messages, daily updates, and daily API requests one Twitter account can have.

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Existing Twitter Account Limits

Daily Follows – 400 per day

Twitter has set each Twitter account to follow up to 400 other Twitter accounts. This is to control aggressive Twitter following behavior that can be used to pad user activity to gain ad revenue.

Account Follows – 5,000

A Twitter account can only follow up to 5,000 other people on Twitter. Twitter gives you more follows to use once you hit the 5,000 follower mark.

Let’s say your account has hit the limit of 5,000 follows and only 4,000 of these accounts follow you back. Twitter will not give you the additional follows until you close the 1,000 follow back deficit. You need to grow your Twitter following by a thousand more to get the additional follows you need.  

Tweets – 2,400 per day

Who needs 2,400 tweets per day?! What made Twitter decide that 2,400 is just enough and having 2401 Tweets is just way too much? 2,400 tweets a day is insane for just a personal account. Maybe the biggest Twitter accounts like CNN, which have millions of followers on the social media platform release around that much per day.

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Daily Direct Messages – 1000  

1,000 direct messages seem like a fair limit for personal use. If you use Twitter’s direct message as your primary text messenger tool to reach your thousands or millions of followers, a thousand direct messages just fall way short. Better tweet that message instead for all your followers to see.

Daily API Requests – 150 per hour

API or Application Programming Interface request is every function you perform on Twitter, such as refreshing your Twitter page.

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