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Despite the drop in users due to the controversial takeover of Elon Musk, Twitter or “X” still remains a powerhouse on social media. The platform stands at 556 million monthly active users strong. This is a testament that its short and concise format is beloved by its loyal users up to the present.

Twitter is known for its short and sweet text tweets with a 280-character limit. But, if you have ever wondered, can you post videos on Twitter? The answer is absolutely yes; because the platform has adapted to the digital demands of the time. Since its introduction to the platform, video tweets have gained popularity with Twitter users.

If you notice a drop in engagement on your posts or would like to increase your conversion rates, here are Twitter tips to end your woes. We will show you ways you can utilize video tweets to boost your brand.

Is There the Best Type of Video to Post on Twitter?

It is known that the algorithm on social networks assigns more importance to video content. This is because videos garner more attention from users than images or mere text posts. To keep up with this trend, a great social media strategy should always include a video tweet.

But, is there a certain type of video that is best to do? The answer lies in the goals of your account. The type of content will depend on what you want to achieve.

For example, influencers and streamers use Twitter to promote themselves. Their popularity lies in their ability to give their audience what they want to see. Therefore, their video tweet would contain content demanded by the viewers.

On the other hand, as a business owner, your goal is to let people know of your existence and offerings. Hence, your videos will be brand-centric and should always include your branding. This is essential in all campaign awareness strategies. It aims to imprint your brand in the minds of potential customers, induce brand recall, and motivate purchase intent.

Tips on Using Twitter Videos to Stand Out from the Crowd

stand out from the crowd

The best content strategy is to produce evergreen content that will be relevant to your target audience forever. Therefore, the points that we will discuss here are the basics that you can build on.

This section will teach you how to use Twitter videos to boost your brand presence online. Follow each point in making your videos. Afterward, monitor the results in real time on your campaign dashboard.

Use Videos to Tell Your Story

The video format is a great way to tell your brand’s tale. Letting your audience get to know your brand’s history will cultivate a more personal connection with them. With short anecdotes, you can show them your genuine side, which will gain people’s trust and loyalty to your brand.

You can also upload a business profile video on your Twitter profile. With this, you can put your best foot forward to page visitors.

Make Them High-Quality

The internet is saturated with videos uploaded every second. You have to put effort into the production to make your videos shine. Great-looking and well-produced videos attract attention no matter the content. So, always aim to create the best.

If you plan on going the independent route, invest in a high-quality HD camera, microphone, and lights. Then with the help of video editing tools, you can create a high-quality marketing video that is unique, standing out from the crowd.

If you’re not that tech-savvy or don’t have the time, you can just hire a professional to do the shoot for you. Just be sure to still be hands-on to maintain your brand touch.

Share Your Experience

This is your time to share your experience and expertise with the world. Create videos with valuable content containing your knowledge about topics that are worth sharing. It’s your chance to establish yourself as an expert in the field and a source of credible information. Once you do, people will flock to your brand for more.

Short and Sweet – A Key to Your Success

Another marketing strategy that has proved successful every time is keeping it short and sweet. About 2 to 3 minutes is the sweet spot when it comes to Twitter video tweets. As for Twitter Ads, the recommended length is just 6 to 15 seconds.

Add a short tweet consisting of 10 words or 50 characters as a description to accompany your video. This perfect combination is enough to catch your target audience’s attention and drive their purchase intent.

Be Natural

Create a persona that is genuine and trustworthy. Be honest with your followers and always be consistent with your brand goals. Your audience will easily connect with people and brands that they trust.

Include Branding

We have established before how important it is to put your brand stamp on everything. Here are the elements of a video tweet and tips on how you can incorporate your branding on Twitter and video posts.

  • Brand colors – The color palette in your video should include your brand colors to solidify your identity. It ties these colors to your company. So that whenever they see those colors, they will think of your brand.
  • Your identity – Your brand name and logo should be displayed in the first four seconds of the video. This immediately tells the audience who made the video. Putting it at the very start makes sure that even if they do not finish watching the whole video, you have already established brand recall.
  • What you are offering – Whether it’s a product, service, or information, you should present it in the first 3 seconds of the video. People have limited attention spans when browsing on social media. So, you want to let them know what you have to offer immediately. Then this should span about 75% of your video length. This is the bulk of the content because people are mostly just interested in what they can get from you.
  • Captions – Reach more audiences by simply adding captions to your videos. This feature makes it accessible to people who can’t listen to audio while watching and those who are hearing impaired.
  • A person – Your video should feature a brand endorser or a crowd of people. Audiences resonate with other people. Adding a face or faces in your video will induce a connection and pique their interest.

In Conclusion

Twitter began as a text-based platform but has since adopted the video format to keep its millions of users’ attention. This is a great opportunity for businesses to tap into that large audience pool. And to keep up with the competition, producing video tweets is the next thing brands must master on the platform.In this blog, we have given you the recipe to make great video tweets. Now that you know how to use a Twitter video in your tweet, your brand can easily stand out from the crowd. Then, pair your newfound Twitter video know-how with relevant hashtag usage to get the most exposure for your brand.

Maddie Schultz
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