How to Connect Twitter to a Discord Channel

Twitter is the perfect platform to get the latest news and updates from the profiles you follow. While Discord is the place where groups and communities love to converse.

By connecting the two social media platforms, you get a fully updated community of followers that grows stronger every day.

If you’re interested in knowing how to link Discord to Twitter, or any other social site for that matter, read on. 

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Benefits of the Integration of Discord Twitter

Connecting Twitter and Discord is a great way to update your channel members about relevant Twitter posts. You can get real-time updates in the Discord application or through email notifications.

Even if your Discord members don’t have a Twitter account, they get to see the latest tweets from the followed Twitter profiles right in the comfort of the Discord app. No need to open the Twitter service or Twitter client apps.

This combination is perfect for fan clubs of big celebrities or when you are building followers for your own account.

Ways You Can Use Discord Bots to Post Tweets from Twitter

There are numerous methods to fetch tweets from the Twitter platform, ranging from a Twitter bot, Discord bot, and other third-party apps in the market. We’ll discuss some of the popular ones that you can use to keep your Discord channel updated with the latest tweets.


IFTTT (short for “If This Then That”) is an online service that lets you automate actions for certain events. You may connect Twitter to Discord and then create applets that execute actions when a trigger is set off.

  1. Create an account on the IFTTT website or use your other credentials (Google, Apple, or Facebook) to log in.
  2. On the IFTTT home page, click the “Create” button in the top right corner to make an applet.
  3. Hit the “Add” button beside “If This.”
  4. Then search and click Twitter as the service.
  5. Select a specific event that you want to trigger an action. In this case, choose “New tweet by a specific user.”
  6. After that, connect and authorize IFTTT to access your Twitter account.
  7. Type in the username you want to fetch Tweets from and hit the “Create trigger” button.
  8. Back to the Create applet interface, click the “Add” button beside “Then That.”
  9. Search and select Webhooks as the service.
  10. Choose the “Make a web request” option.
  11. Next, open Discord and click the Settings gear icon beside the channel name where you want the tweets to be sent.
  12. Click “Integrations” from the menu and then choose “Webhooks.”
  13. Hit the “New Webhook” button and then the “Copy Webhook URL” button below.
  14. Navigate to the IFTTT page and paste the copied link in the URL box.
  15. Under “Method,” choose “POST” from the drop-down menu.
  16. Under “Content Type,” select “application/json” from the options.
  17. Paste this code in the “Body” textbox. Replace the @username with the handle of the account you wish to follow.
{ “username”:”@username tweeted”, “content”:”@{{UserName}} tweeted this at {{CreatedAt}}: {{LinkToTweet}}” }
  1. Click the “Create action” button below. Then hit Continue and Finish to finalize the action.

Every time the account you follow tweets, it will now appear in the Discord channel you linked it to.


QTweet is a simple bot that fetches only the latest tweets from a Twitter account. Unlike the other bots that get every tweet in real-time.

  1. Simply add the QTweet bot to your Discord channel and grant it permissions.
  2. On your Discord channel, use the command “!!tweet <username>” whenever you want to fetch the latest post from that Twitter account.

This keeps your channel uncluttered and safe from spam tweets.


TweetShift can be managed in two ways, one is directly within Discord, and the other one is via TweetShift’s dashboard.

If you are going the Discord route, which is the easier way to set it up, you will need to use the slash commands. Follow these instructions to get your Twitter connected to your Discord channel:

  1. Open up the Discord application and type a slash “/” in the textbox. You should be able to see the slash commands available. If it doesn’t show up, you might need to update the Discord app version.
  2. Type in “/follow” and then input the Twitter handle (@username) of the account you want to add.
  3. Next, choose the Discord channel you want the feed to appear in.
  4. Then decide if the bot will have permission to post links. Select True or False.
  5. The next part is whether you want retweets to appear as well. Choose True or False.
  6. The last part is deciding what type of pings to send out to members of the Discord channel. You can choose “Ping @everyone when there’s a new tweet,” which serves the purpose of integrating the two platforms.

If the slash commands won’t work for you, simply open up the TweetShift dashboard on a web browser. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Clicking the “Invite to server” or the “Dashboard” button will redirect you to the Discord webpage. You will need to log in to your Discord account if you haven’t done so yet.
  2. Choose which server to add the TweetShift bot to in the dropdown menu. Hit the “Continue” button after choosing.
  3. Click “Authorize” to permit the bot to carry out its functions. After that, you will see a “Server added!” notification.
  4. Click the “Dashboard” button on the upper right of the screen.
  5. Grant the permissions asked for TweetShift to access your Discord server.
  6. On the menu to the left, choose “Auto-posting” and type in the Twitter account you want to follow. Also, enter the Discord channel where you want the tweets to appear.


This is a paid service that will set you back $11.95 per month. Or you can avail yourself of a discounted price of $49.99 for a yearly subscription or $89.99 for a lifetime plan which is transferable to another server.

For such a high price point, they offer other services, too. You also get the option to earn income from your Discord channel. This is quite useful for moderators and people who use Discord for work.

But for our purposes, it does the same thing as TweetShift. Use the Mee6 dashboard to connect Twitter to a Discord account. Then all the Tweets from that Twitter account will now appear on the Discord channel as well.


Zapier is the newest player in town, which was just introduced this 2022. The mechanics of this platform is similar to that of IFTTT which is a trigger and action type. When a certain trigger or event happens, then a specific action is performed.

You get to choose what happens for every scenario that happens on both Twitter and Discord. Unlike other bots that only perform actions for basic events.

It’s fully customizable with lots of triggers and actions to choose from. So, you can completely control the integration of Twitter and Discord.

And, what’s more, it’s completely free of charge! 


Using bots and third-party services to link Twitter and Discord is a convenient way to connect and update your community.

Members of your Discord channel get notified whenever a Tweet is posted from the followed Twitter accounts. It gets everyone informed about the latest Twitter happenings right in the Discord app.

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