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What Twitter (now known as X) allows or doesn’t allow has recently been a bone of contention, particularly after the Tesla billionaire CEO, Elon Musk, resumed control last October. From the daily/hourly limits to the controversial Twitter Blue subscription plan, Twitter fans have barely had time to breathe since the takeover. Many users have expressed concerns about privacy settings on their Twitter profiles after the recent changes.

How to use Twitter for beginners after this update? This article will serve as your concise guide to get you up to speed with the new Twitter rules. Whether you’re a seasoned user looking for updates or a newbie trying to navigate Elon Musk’s Twitter rules, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Twitter Golden Rule

what are the twitter rules

Twitter has no official “golden rule” etched in stone. However, seasoned Twitter users have cultivated a set of unwritten guidelines over the years. Though not mandated, these principles can significantly enrich everyone’s experience on the platform and foster healthier interactions. Let’s delve into what can be considered the “golden rules” of Twitter.

Be Kind and Respectful

Twitter is fast-paced, meaning public conversations can easily become heated or confrontational. However, treating others how you wish to be treated in such situations is also prudent. Secondly, Twitter boasts a vast and diverse user base. This implies there’s always someone with a witty remark or sharp retort at the ready. But it’s crucial to remember that behind every username is a real person with feelings and emotions. Instead of striving for the wittiest comeback, why not aim for the kindest response? A little empathy can transform the Twitter landscape, one tweet at a time.

Pause Before You Post

The permanence of the Internet cannot be stressed enough. A tweet, once unleashed, leaves an indelible mark, even if deleted later. Therefore, you’d want to consider potential implications, especially of sensitive adult content, before you hit that “Tweet” button.

Authenticity Is Key

Genuine interactions are the bedrock of meaningful Twitter experiences. Engaging authentically can foster genuine connections instead of leaning on automated responses or resorting to spam-like tactics. This happens to be one of the issues new owner Elon Musk is looking to address on the platform.

Guard Your Privacy

This one rule that one need not be told. In our share-everything era, it’s crucial to tread with caution. You’d want to eschew oversharing personal details on Tweet feeds. You’d also want to be reasonable about geotagging, as these can inadvertently expose you to unwarranted risks.

Adhere to Twitter’s Official Guidelines

Beyond the unofficial code, Twitter has its rulebook. From policies on hate speech and spam to guidelines on content sharing, being in sync with these official rules ensures a smooth Twitter journey.

Master the Art of Listening

This might sound counterintuitive for those aiming to amplify their voice or grow their following and potential customers. However, understanding the intricacies of Twitter conversations before actively participating can be incredibly beneficial.

What Are the New Rules for Twitter?

how to use twitter for beginners

Moving away from the unwritten Twitter regulations, let’s explicitly answer the question, what are the Twitter rules? Since the Tesla CEO came on board, Twitter has tightened its policies recently, leading to increased enforcement action against violators. Here’s a brief preview of what to keep in mind:

Privacy Rules

As with most social media platforms, Twitter understands the need to safeguard its users’ personal information. Twitter’s privacy rules are focused on protecting users from unsolicited exposure and potential harm.

  • Personal Information: Twitter seriously frowns at sharing or threatening to disclose another person’s private information without their consent. This includes addresses, phone numbers, and personal email addresses. The platform also prohibits sharing intimate photos or videos without the depicted person’s consent.
  • Unwanted Tags: Respect is paramount. Users shouldn’t tag others in photos without consent, especially in potentially harmful contexts.
  • Blocking Evasion: Once a user has been blocked, they should not attempt to revisit the blocker’s profile using alternative accounts. This ensures that individuals have control over their interactions.

Safety Rules

The online space serves as a refuge for netizens. To keep it that way, Twitter has outlined safety measures to curb harmful behaviors.

  • Abuse and Harassment: Engaging in behavior that harasses or intimidates another user is strictly prohibited. This includes targeted hate campaigns, threats, or any form of online bullying.
  • Self-Harm and Suicide: Twitter takes the mental well-being of its users seriously. Encouraging or promoting self-harm or suicide, even in a joking manner, is not tolerated.
  • Child Exploitation: The platform has zero tolerance for any content that sexually exploits children. Such content, when identified, is reported to the authorities.
  • Violence and Dangerous Organizations: Any affiliation with or promoting terrorism or extremist views is banned. This extends to the glorification of violence or the promotion of harmful conspiracies.

Copyright Rules

In a space full of posts and retweets, Twitter emphasizes giving credit to those who deserve it.

  • Media Sharing: Users should not share copyrighted images, videos, or music without permission or attributions. This ensures relevant content creators and artists get their due recognition and also prevents potential legal disputes.
  • Text and Articles: Copying and pasting large chunks of copyrighted texts, such as articles or books, without proper citation is discouraged. Instead, users are encouraged to share links or use quote tweets to reference sources.
  • Reports and Takedowns: Copyright holders can report infringements, leading to the removal of the violating content. Repeated violations can lead to account suspensions.

What Is Not Allowed on Twitter?

As a global platform, Twitter hosts millions of conversations daily, representing various perspectives and voices. However, to ensure its users’ safety, integrity, and overall well-being, the platform has delineated clear boundaries on content and behavior that are not permissible.

Hate Speech & Discrimination: Twitter prohibits promoting violence against, threatening or harassing individuals based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, or disability.

Violent Threats & Graphic Content: Threatening harm or promoting violence, whether directly or indirectly, is strictly forbidden. Gruesomely violent or adult content, especially without proper content warnings, can also lead to content removal or account suspension.

Harassment and Bullying: Engaging in targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so violates Twitter’s rules. The platform ensures that every user feels safe from undue intimidation and bullying.

Impersonation: It is not allowed to create a false identity to mislead or deceive others, especially if it’s done with malicious intent. Elon Musk has come out to say that Twitter will deactivate any account imitating others unless it clearly indicates it’s meant for parody. You’d also want to ensure your Twitter bio aligns with the platform’s guidelines to avoid any unexpected account restrictions.

Spam and Manipulative Activity: Twitter takes action against accounts that engage in spammy behavior, which includes repetitive posting, unsolicited mentions, or using trending topics to gain attention deceitfully.

Copyright Infringement: Sharing copyrighted content without authorization or proper attribution can lead to content removal and potential legal action.


Twitter (or “X” as it’s now known) remains a beacon for global conversations, connecting diverse voices worldwide. But with such vastness comes the responsibility to safeguard users, ensuring a secure and enriching experience. Despite many users not being big fans of Elon Musk, Twitter rules are a testament to a commitment to balance freedom of expression with safety, respect, and accountability. 

As a user, you’d want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines, not just to ensure continued access to the platform. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Twitterverse or an old hand adapting to its newest transformations, the guiding principle remains: engage with empathy, respect, and responsibility. Brands should remain cautious and evaluate the type of content they promote, ensuring it doesn’t infringe upon the new rules. In doing so, we can ensure that social media platforms remain a space of meaningful connections, vibrant debates, and shared moments for years to come.

Maddie Schultz
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