How to Contact Twitter Support

Companies and business entities are notoriously known for poor response and customer support. You might have the same experience when trying to contact Twitter about your account concerns, hence you’re snooping around for how to contact Twitter support.

Or you just might have no idea how to contact customer support on Twitter. There is no shame in that because we have you covered! In this short read, we attempt to show you all current possible solutions on how to get through to Twitter and find answers to your Twitter account questions and problems.

This article has collated a concise list of how you can contact Twitter easier about any Twitter account concerns that you may be having. Read on and find out.

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Ways You Can Contact Twitter

There is more than one way you could reach out to Twitter. Most of them involve contacting Twitter through the Twitter platform itself. Each method will involve a few steps. These steps will be easy to follow, and you will be on your way to getting back your Twitter account that performs like a dream.

Contact Twitter despite being locked out of your account

If you have been locked out of your Twitter account and want to contest the situation with Twitter support, you can still contact them through the Twitter login screen. 

Just visit through any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Click on ‘Help Center’ at the bottom of the Twitter login screen and hit ‘Contact us’ at the top-left corner of the subsequent window. 

Click on the ‘Locked and suspended account issues’ box and fill out the form and click submit.

The Twitter support team will get back to you describing what you should do to get your Twitter account back. Note that this may take a while, depending on the gravity of your account’s situation.

Visit the Twitter Help Center 

The Twitter Help Center is an in-house, semi-automated hub that aims to be the prime problem solver of all Twitter account problems on the micro-blogging platform. It is accessible by every Twitter account user and is intended to solve Twitter account problems with just a few clicks.

How to access the Twitter Help Center:

  • Log in to your Twitter account on a web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or MS Edge.
  • Click on the three dots menu (…) on the left-most menu on your Twitter account home screen.
  • Click on the Help Center tab on the subsequent menu. It is represented by a (?) icon.
  • You will be brought to the Twitter Help Center, where you will have access to a lot of articles that attempt to answer your questions.

First off, you will be provided a text box that allows you to ask questions to the Twitter Help Center.

For example, if your questions are about hacked accounts, then type in a brief keyword search like “hacked account” and Twitter Help Center will provide you with articles that will hopefully solve your problem.

The rest of the Twitter Help Center is a library of articles regarding different topics on problems a user may encounter on Twitter. Examples are Managing your account, Using Twitter, Safety, and security, and Rules and Policies.

Each topic has sub-topics that will contain more detailed approaches on how to solve each issue.

Submit a Ticket

Contact Twitter support through the ‘Contact Us’ button in the Twitter Help Center. 

On the upper-right corner of the Twitter Help Center screen is a ‘Contact Us’ button. Click this, and you will be brought to a page where you could choose from a list of issues that troubles your Twitter account.

Click on the issue applicable to your situation, and you will be given a form to fill out. After filling up the form, click on Submit and wait for Twitter support to respond to your query.

Twitter support is quite a busy entity that you could expect them to reply within several hours or a few days. Just be patient because Twitter support is guaranteed to reply to help you. 

Snail mail Twitter!

Is Twitter support not responding to any of your inquiries? If all else fails, then there’s always the trusty old snail mail to fall back on. Go totally old school and type and print or write a letter with an actual pen and paper (when was the last time you’ve done this?).

Mail your letter to:

Corporate Secretary Twitter, Inc.,

1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco,

CA 94103 U.S.A.

We’re sure whoever receives your time machine will get quite a kick out of your letter.

In Conclusion

Twitter is a tech platform entity that values its user experience above everything, and we are sure Twitter prioritizes solving issues for all their users. Pick a way to contact Twitter support, and you will surely get a response that will hopefully solve your Twitter account issues.

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