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What is a troll on social media? Anyone who has been on any social media platform has surely encountered a troll. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been trolled or have been a troll yourself.

A troll’s natural habitat is around the comments section of any social media platform. Trolls wait for hapless users to make the unfortunate mistake of commenting around their sad section of the internet.

Trolls are like pests that naturally occur in every garden. Like cockroaches that just appear in any household. They will always be present in every group, forum, or comment section and will have to be properly dealt with like the vermin that they are.

Once a victim has posted their comment, then a troll’s trap is sprung. A troll is a master of provocation and will use comments that aggravate their victims into a pointless debate that a victim will not win.

Once you are ignorantly interacting with a troll, you have already lost.

Be wildly aware that a troll does not wish to discuss or debate for truth’s sake. They are only about infuriating you into submission! The madder you become in the comments section, the more content they become.

Know how to deal with these online trolls and how to identify them for a peaceful time on the internet. Save yourself from the unnecessary misery of online harassment that these trolls bring. Read on and be informed about what a troll is and how to beat them.

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Who Are Social Media Trolls?

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A social media troll can be anyone! Any person who has a PC or smart device can be a provoking troll on the internet.

Social media trolls are everyday people who deliberately insult and provoke people on social media and think they can get away with it. The anonymity that the internet provides tends to transform ordinary people into trolls.

What makes ordinary people turn into trolls, you ask? Here is a brief discussion of the usual people who are secretly trolls when in a place called the internet:

People who have too much time on their hands

An idle mind is the devil’s playground, they say. People who have too much free time and decide to just hang around in comments sections will tend to turn into a troll. They engage with people negatively to feel like they’re making use of their time.

Have self-respect and pick up a useful or meaningful activity instead of using your time to annoy strangers online.

People who have an unhealthy way of dealing with their issues

We all have issues, and that’s just the way life is. Having outlets that will somehow lessen the burden we carry is always encouraged. But if your idea of lessening the angst you carry is dishing it out to unsuspecting users on the internet, you are a first-class troll.

Do not be like that and be a better person. Pick up a sport, talk to a friend, or get professional help in therapy. The world will immediately be better with one less troll.

People who tend to hate

People who hate others are most likely to receive a lot of hate themselves. If you are drawn to dish off hate via your comments on social media, you need serious help. Seek the help of a professional mental health professional. Seek help from a shrink and get therapy. It will be all for the better.

People who are paid to troll

This breed of troll makes money off of the misery they create in other people. These sorts of people should find a real career instead. With a real job, they won’t see trolling people as a worthwhile use of their precious time.

People who enjoy provoking other people

Enjoying the activity of blatantly offending people through trolling could be enjoyable for some people but it is very immature. We’d probably give more respect to people who provoke people face-to-face on the streets rather than trolls who hide behind their keyboards.

Types of Social Media Trolls

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Anybody can be a troll but there are different styles people take to when they become the despicable monsters they are online. Here is a list of types of trolls. Which one are you?

The Nitpicker – They wait and pounce on your smallest mistakes in spelling and grammar. They point your errors out and aim to humiliate you to the whole world.

White Noise Trolls – They comment incoherent and irrelevant remarks to act as a blockade to communication. They are more than a nuisance rather than real trouble.

The Clown – These trolls make fun of people through criticism. They waste their sense of humor on a senseless endeavor like trolling.

Aggressive Trolls – These trolls create fake accounts and post/publish material to hurt a person or brand’s reputation. These people deserve a cyber libel lawsuit because of the serious consequences of their trolling.

Toxic Fandom Trolls – Fans of people or brands who aggressively antagonize people who are not fans of their chosen idol.

Hackers, Crackers, or Black Hats – These trolls also implement real threatening attacks on people and brands through hacking into websites, using bots, and creating fake accounts that can damage people’s or brands’ reputations.

How Does Trolling on Social Media Affect People?

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When trolls first appeared on the internet and people were not prepared to handle them, trolls left everyone butt-hurt. But now that almost all of us are aware of their existence, only the naïve are hurt by these low lives.  

What to Do When You’re Trolled on Social Media?

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What is Twitter trolling, Facebook trolling, Instagram trolling, and other types of social media trolling but pitiful attempts to ruin our day? Recognize them for what they are and do not waste time on these pathetic people. Your time on social media is important to you. All a troll wants is to make your time on it as bad as theirs.  

How do you know when you’re being trolled? What does it mean to be trolled on social media?

You know you are being trolled when you feel irked or a little bit hurt when exchanging comments with a stranger on social media. What you want to do is immediately stop and get a hold of your feelings.

It is not worth it to go toe to toe with these people. Do not feed the troll, that is what they, say, and do exactly that.

But if hackers and aggressive trolls are what trouble you, then more concrete actions are needed. Report them and use everything in your power to fight them. Social media trolling laws and community guidelines that are in place on every platform will work in your favor. If these trolls are too much, the full extent of the law is on your side. Get an attorney.

Trolls Have no Real Power

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You only give trolls power when you give in to what they want. And what they want is your acknowledgment through your comments. They want to see you irritated, and that’s exactly what you do not give.

Again, do not feed the trolls. Get legal help if they cause real harm. Also, take a break from social media. This could be good for you.

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