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Are you new to Twitter or looking for the best Twitter account to follow with content that you enjoy? You are in the right place. This article looks at the best Twitter accounts to follow in 2023 for people looking for personal growth, inspiration, or entrepreneurial tips. These accounts are popular, courtesy of growth services but primarily because of the content.

There are over 200 million Twitter users out there. Becoming popular requires consistent content in your niche and how presentable your account is in the bio and posts. This article looks at the best Twitter pages in various niches and the personalities who run them.      

What Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2023 for Inspiration

best twitter pages

Whenever we are inspired, we push ourselves and progress toward our goals in life. This is why it is beneficial to be inspired as often as possible. If you are looking for inspiration on Twitter, there are several accounts you can follow to help with that. The following are some of them:

Gabby Bernstein 

She is also referred to as the “new thought leader” by Oprah, not to mention being a New York Times bestselling author. Her hope in the future is for her followers to become the happiest people in their lives. Gabby’s Twitter page comprises content revolving around hope, positivity, and inspiration. 

Web Smith 

Being the co-founder of Mizzen + Main and founder of 2 PM, Smith’s account consists of content on commerce, newsletters, and marketing. If you love reading books, you will enjoy his recommendations. There is also talk on how marketing comes together with pop culture. If inspiration and motivational content are what you are after, this account should be on your following list. 

Success Magazine 

This Twitter account makes it to our list because of the vast array of inspirational articles it connects with you. In addition, there is some self-improvement, dealing with mental blocks, and making you the best version of yourself. The pieces are concrete and helpful with most of the problems people struggle with. It also answers some of the issues we never knew we had. 

Jen Sincero 

This is a must-follow account if you want unrelenting positivity from the all-time number-one New York bestselling author. Jen Sincero has excellent tips for success, offers professional advice, and much more. If you have read her books, you will likely follow her already, given how influential and inspiring she is with her words.    

Simon Sinek 

Simon is famous for his inspirational books on leadership, which include the critique of the traditional leadership style and how to make the workplace a cohesive environment with a positive outlook. His tweets contain inspiration, positivity, and motivation that will move you.    

Best Twitter Accounts of 2023 for Personal Growth

best twitter account to follow

If you constantly find yourself scrolling through social media, why not make it such that you run into helpful tips and techniques that will impact your personal growth? You can follow the following Twitter accounts to feed your mind with productive and self-improvement content.


You should follow Dan Koe on Twitter if you want to see highlighted features through curiosity, the internet, and philosophy. He is an entrepreneur and a fantastic writer. Dan helps people take control of their lives with in-depth and unique threads that help you live a fulfilling and mindful life.  


This is another Twitter account to follow if you are looking for new habits and techniques to improve your daily life. Over 3500 people benefit from Cory Kultgen’s new favorite discoveries of the week. Colby also offers tips on training to steer clear of distractions and addiction. You may also benefit from time management tips.


After meditating for long hours daily, Cory Muscara shares what he learned as a former monk. He wrote the book “Stop Missing Your Life, ” with a couple of good reviews. In addition, Cory offers mantras, tips, and perspectives on his Twitter account.


Run by Anne-Laure Le Cunff, she is known for striving towards thinking better, learning faster, and working happier. Her focus as a writer is on creative thinking, metacognition, and mindful productivity. In addition, she is all about diversifying her knowledge; hence, she follows other similar accounts to prompt conversations on various relevant topics.


This account is less of a person but more of a page that teaches you things as you go. The content of the Orange book page encourages a chain of thought and pushes you not to work hard but to work smart. There is variety in what they offer; there are benefits of reading, how you can improve your relationship, and tips to be the healthiest and most intelligent version of yourself. 

What Twitter Accounts Should Entrepreneurs Follow in 2023

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Entrepreneurship can be challenging, so asking for tips and inspiration is common as you take the journey. Twitter offers several resources in the form of inspiration accounts that connect entrepreneurs from all over the globe. The following are some of these accounts:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is excellent in sheer magnitude, and his timeline is every entrepreneur’s haven. Gary has over 3 million followers, and posts hustle tips, motivational quotes, tactics, and promotions on his business endeavors.

Richard Branson

Known chiefly as a renowned author and the founder of Virgin Group, Richard has a massive Twitter following of over 12 million followers. There is lots of motivational content, opinions on personal matters, and thoughts on various topics, from sports to wildlife.

Guy Kawasaki 

Kawasaki is an influencer, author, and marketing expert. Currently, Kawasaki is the chief evangelist at Canva after being an integral part of Apple’s marketing team. He has over a million followers on Twitter and uses his platform to grace them with marketing, business, and hacks regarding current events.

Julian Shapiro

Julian is a growth marketer, angel investor, and entrepreneur. He created Velocity, a web animation engine that WhatsApp, Uber, and Samsung use. On his Twitter page, you will find deconstructed business and marketing topics. Most of the things he picks up and learns throughout his journey are available on his page.

Arianna Huffington

As you can probably deduce from the name, Arianna Huffington co-founded the Huffington Post. According to Forbes, she is considered one of the most influential women. Her Twitter page has over 2.5 million followers, and she tweets about her stand on current affairs, health and sleep tips for healthy living, and, of course, entrepreneurship motivational quotes.        

What Is the Best Twitter Account to Follow in 2023

best twitter account to follow

There are thousands of popular Twitter accounts. You can decide which ones to follow depending on your interests and niche. Since humor is one of the things we know most people enjoy, the best accounts are those that deliver information humorously or uniquely. This will surely put a smile on your face every time you see their post on your feed.

We recommend following Ryan Reynolds, mainly because of the humor. Ryan Reynolds is known for his movies, off-screen charisma, and witty humor. He has over 20 million followers on Twitter, awaiting the next dose of his unique, funny humor. The tweets can be random about his upcoming projects, pop culture references, different businesses, and so much more. His jokes are hilarious, and thus many brands and marketers reach out to him for various advertisements. 

Another account we recommend is the account of Steve Martin; this account is also super funny. You will enjoy the fresh comedy, among other things. Steve also posts about several cartoons, popular articles, and his other projects. What makes him unique is the spin he puts on them and makes them comedic. 

Tim Siedell may be a familiar name to you if you are a fan of late-night talk shows. Known for his comedic style, he does the same in his tweets. Most of the time, they are witty and filled with puns, which you would enjoy looking at now and then.  

Final Thoughts

Twitter is one of the most used platforms today, with over 100 million users sharing some form of content at least. The platform allows you to choose the content you want to run into often on your feed; this is from the people you choose to follow. Whether you are looking for inspiration, personal growth, or business tips, there are hundreds or even thousands of options to suit your needs.

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