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The Art of Target Marketing

Twitter has over 187 million active users worldwide. In the United States, the numbers reach up to 69.3 million, and 16.45 million in the United Kingdom according to statistics.

In this vast sea of the internet, putting ads in front of the wrong audience is a complete misuse of resources. You are wasting effort by pitching to people who are not interested and will probably not buy your products or services. To prevent this from happening, a target audience must be defined.

When you target a market, you specifically address people who might be attracted to your product or service. These individuals will invest their time listening to what you have to say. After you’ve hooked them, they will most likely become your patrons, supporting you by purchasing your products, or by re-sharing your posts. Goal accomplished.

In the millions of Twitter users, there is bound to be a huge number of people sure to fall into your target market. The next thing to do is try to ascertain who should be your target.  

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How to Identify Your Target Audience

Advertising experts use a variety of criteria to define a target market.

Here’s a list of the common categories used to identify your audience:

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Preferences or hobbies
  • Location

To fill out the information for that list, you must first take look at the product or service that you are offering.

For example, if makeup cosmetics is your business, ask yourself, “who are the people who use makeup? What type of individual will buy lipsticks and eyeliners?

To help answer this, let’s use the list above:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age group: 16 years old and above
  • Preferences or hobbies: loves fashion, watches The Kardashians
  • Location: anywhere a courier service caters

The ones who fit these criteria are the people who should see your posts. Knowing the type of individuals you are targeted at will give you an idea of how to tailor your posts. You can now choose the words and tone that are appropriate for your audience.

You can also set these parameters when creating Twitter Ads. Every advertisement view is paid, so maximize it by making sure you’re only paying for possible customers.

No to Buying Followers

For a successful venture, you’ll want real and active users who will become your loyal customers. They will help your business grow by purchasing your goods, re-sharing your content, and providing personal reviews of their experience with you.

Buying followers, comprised of bots and/or fake accounts, will just add to the vanity numbers. However, they won’t bring actual growth because there will be no engagement with your posts. This also puts your Twitter account in danger of being banned or deleted due to a violation of their strict Terms of Service.

On the other hand, having a lot of organic followers will propel your brand name from anonymity to a status of actual popularity. Reaching real people will make them aware of your brand and entice them to click on your links, thereby increasing the number of visits and purchases on your website.

When consumers like what they see, expect to get some free promotion when they share your posts. Their social media friends will see the re-shares, click on your link, and then the cycle of getting real people to check out your stuff continues until the whole world knows your name. You could even go viral!

Bots can’t do any of that for your brand.

How to Gain Hundreds of Targeted Followers on Twitter (Legally)

Twitter has a set of strict rules when it comes to followers. The company constantly scans and removes fake accounts. If an account is caught buying fake account followers, sanctions vary from being banned to having your account deleted. So, why take the chance when you can grow followers organically? Here’s how to gain targeted followers on Twitter: 

1.    Create an interesting profile

How to Get Targeted Followers On Twitter 1
  • Use a high-resolution photo of your brand. Letting them see a clean crisp visual gains people’s trust.
  • Explain what you do and what they can expect from you. Show them what you’ve got.
  • Let your personality shine through to make it more genuine. People adore sincerity. You’ll earn their trust easily this way.

2.    Be active.

How to Get Targeted Followers On Twitter 2
  • Twitter is a fast-paced platform. You have to keep up with the flow or be out.
  • Tweet regularly throughout the day to remind people of your presence. Users see tons of tweets per second every day. Don’t be lost or forgotten.
  • Time your posts during early to late afternoon, that’s when most people are on Twitter. This ensures that your tweet will have an audience.
  • Reply to followers’ tweets and direct messages (DMs) as soon as possible. It makes them feel a special connection with your brand, strengthening their love for you.

3.    Post engaging content

How to Get Targeted Followers On Twitter 3
  • People are more likely to read something if it comes with a photo. Do that for most of your posts.
  • Ask questions that people will likely respond to, like hot topics or niche-related. Increased profile interaction means increased visibility.
  • Post polls that people can vote on. With just a click, you get instant interactions.
  • Share links related to your brand or niche. This gives followers something to read with little effort from you.

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4.    Use hashtags

How to Get Targeted Followers On Twitter
  • This is like the SEO of Twitter. Hashtags let you be more visible to people, even those who haven’t followed you yet.
  • Use popular tags like events, trends, and topics. This ensures that your posts pop up in those keyword searches.
  • Tagging competitors in a compliment post is also a tactic to get their followers to check out your profile.

5.    Include links

How to Get Targeted Followers On Twitter 5
  • Put links in your tweets that will redirect users to your main website or e-commerce store. This will boost traffic to your site and be possible conversions.
  • Twitter has a limit of 280 characters per post. Use URL shorteners for your links to fit and look nice.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to garner real Twitter followers. Patience is a must though. Also, keep in mind that it will take time to get genuine followers on any platform. All the work and effort you need to put in may be discouraging. 

However, if you don’t have the time or just want your reach to grow faster, you can do that easily and legally, too. Fortunately, some services can help you with that.

How does a Twitter follower service work?

Twenvy as a Twitter follower service is committed to getting you monthly targeted followers on Twitter. We aim to get real Twitter users to follow your account. These users are specifically targeted, meaning they are interested in your particular niche. This translates to genuine traffic for your business. 

We assign a dedicated account manager and marketing team to every client. You tell us your brand and what your target audience is, and we do the rest. 

You don’t have to worry about security issues. Your account safety is assured by our strict standards of working in line with Twitter TOS. You won’t even have to give out your account password, unlike how other companies work.

Twenvy uses the ‘Mother/Child’ method to grow your account. A certain number of real Twitter accounts will be utilized based on the package you availed. These accounts will be used to direct traffic to your account which is the ‘mother.’

Every month, your account will gain 3,000-5,000 active Twitter followers. Within 6 months, you will have about 30k followers! With that number, you don’t need to pay for ads anymore because you are very visible on your own.

Brands are even willing to pay $150 for a sponsored post on these kinds of accounts. Think of all the added income this provides you just for being popular.

Twenvy offers 3 different social packages for your varied needs. You can choose based on your budget or the speed with which you want your brand to grow.

1. Individual

  • An introductory package for individuals who are just starting to build followers
  • Price is at $69 per week.
  • You get 40 Twitter accounts working for you
  • Get a 3-day trial for free

2. Influencer

  • A package for serious individuals who want serious results
  • Price is at $99 per week
  • You get 80 Twitter accounts at your disposal
  •  Get a 3-day free trial here

3. Pro

  • The best package offering aggressive organic growth
  • Price is at $199 per week
  • You get 200 Twitter accounts sending you traffic
  • Start your 3-day free trial to experience the fastest growth on Twitter!

You may opt to discontinue the service at any time, hassle-free.


Twitter has, by far, the largest potential among the social media platforms in terms of putting your product or service out there. They have millions of users who are your potential customers.

Just find the target audience for your product, and engage with them. Your every interaction with users goes a long way to put your brand on top of the feed.

It will take months or even years to build a huge number of followers. Once you’ve done it, though, there is nothing but rewards to reap.

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