how to search someone's tweets
how to search someone's tweets

Have you ever thought of Twitter as a powerful social search engine? If not, you’re making a huge mistake! The platform’s advanced search option is so fantastic that it will help you generate leads, do in-depth niche research, increase sales, and a range of other benefits. So if you want to learn how to search someone’s Tweets, how to do a Twitter search by date, find a relevant Tweet with specific words or phrases, just keep reading.

What Is Twitter Advanced Search And How Does It Work?

What Is Twitter Advanced Search And How Does It Work

Twitter’s advanced search tool is one of the most useful features that will change how you look at this platform and open your path to new marketing opportunities. On the other hand, a basic search can only take you as far and won’t give you the extensive information you need to increase your influence. Scrolling through Tweets for hours won’t do you good; therefore, you can learn how to use this platform’s search operators to your advantage.

With over 350,000 Tweets sent each minute, Twitter has data for almost everything and everyone. To start your advanced search, all you need to do is open Twitter on your browser or the app, then click on the toolbar search field. Next, choose Advanced search, and start entering your parameters.

What Are the Benefits of Using Twitter Advanced Search?

What Are the Benefits of Using Twitter Advanced Search

Creating search queries using complex searches can be beneficial in so many ways. Aside from giving you amazing opportunities to expand your business and create a relevant marketing strategy, it can also help you connect with your customers. So let’s go more in-depth about the advantages the Twitter advanced search feature can have for your brand.

Finding Your Target Audience

One of the first steps of growing a business is learning more about your target audience. With the advanced search, you can get an insight about who likes what you have to offer, age groups, locations, etc. Then, when you want to expand your audience, you can see the groups of people that are missing during your research and start a conversation on how you can get their attention.

Free Customer Service Tool

Excellent customer service is one of the biggest achievements of a company. When your customers love your attitude and love that you’re always willing to help, they’ll recommend you to their circle. Thanks to the advanced search, you can check all the mentions of your brand, reply to all customers, and offer solutions. 

Learn More About Your Customer’s Behavior

After you learn more about which audience should be your target, you have to educate yourself on their behavior. Use the Twitter search filters to see their likes, dislikes, how they prefer to shop, why, products you’re missing in your range, complaints, and more. Once you know their needs, you can carefully craft your new releases.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search?

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter search operators are here to make your life easier, thanks to the extensive number of parameters you can use to customize your search. Finding out what works well for your competitors, what your customers like, what they want you to change, is valuable input to help you create the best marketing strategy. Below you’ll find the useful key parameters you should know about; the more of these search boxes you fill, the narrower your search will be.

1. Use Words

Words is probably Twitter’s most commonly used advanced search query, and one of the reasons why is that it contains six different categories to improve your searching experience.

All of these words:

This search option gives you the opportunity to enter several words that you remember the original Tweets contained. It gives users the freedom to experiment with words, and it’s a great solution when you can’t think of a phrase word by word.

The exact phrase:

Another way to find what you’re looking for is by entering an exact phrase or a full name. Just enter the search term in the field and expect to see a list of all the tweets that contain that phrase. It’s definitely more specific than the previous option, but it saves time and narrows the search.

Any of these words:

Another helpful parameter is the ‘any of these words’ search option. It’s even broader than the previous two; however, it’s a fantastic research tool when you want to see what others are saying about your brand and social activities related to your business.

None of these words:

This parameter might sound strange and completely impractical; however, you shouldn’t judge before hearing its purpose. It will significantly narrow down the search because it can remove words that are a part of your initial search but are just getting in the way. For example, if you’re searching for a product, but a huge competitor comes up, you can enter their name in this search criteria.

These hashtags:

Although you can search for hashtags in any Words search field, this one is special because you don’t have to type in the hashtag symbol. As a result, it’s an excellent option when you want to find out more about Twitter trending topics, discover more about specific things in your niche, and follow how your brand’s hashtags are doing.


When you want to focus on a language, this is the field to focus on. Twitter can recognize over 60 languages, so the chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for. Use this filter when you want to research new markets and are thinking about expanding in other locations.

2. Enter The Person’s Or Brand’s Username

From these accounts

How to search someone’s Tweets when you want to find something specific? Well, it’s never been easier, thanks to this field. All you have to do is enter the person’s or brand’s username and easily see what your competitors have been up to.

So, next time you need to search someone’s Tweets, you can easily do that with the “From These Accounts” advanced parameter and shorten the list of potential Tweets by adding words, places, filters, etc.

To these accounts

Now that you know how to search a Twitter account and roam through their Tweets, here’s another similar feature. This one will show you the Tweets that are sent to the account/s you listed in the search bar. It can be useful when you want to track other user’s interactions with your brand, and what other users send to competitors.

Mention these accounts

This advanced search option will show all the Tweets that mention a specific account. Enter the handle of your account, and you’ll see how users feel about your brand.

3. Enter any address, state, county, postcode

If you have a location in mind, enter it here, and wait for the results. It can be any address, state, county, postcode that you’re interested in, and Twitter will show you the results. What’s even more interesting is that this search feature allows you to enter a geocode and base the results on that location.

4. Filters

This section is made of two search filters: Replies and Links. The first one lets you choose whether you prefer Twitter to show you replies or not. The second one is meant for searching Tweets with links.

5. Engagement

Discovering Tweets that have great engagement rates is very valuable information. The search will be based on minimum retweets, likes, and replies, so you can research the popular Tweets and steal a few tricks for your future content.

6. Dates

Did you know that you can search Twitter by date? With this parameter, you can easily base your research on a specific time in the past. The Dates option lets you enter the start and end date, including month, day, and year. You’ll see all the Tweets that fit your search, select the popular posts, and learn from them. If you were wondering how to find old Tweets, now you have your answer.

Ways to Use Advanced Twitter Search for Increased Influence

Ways to Use Advanced Twitter Search for Increased Influence

Use Keywords to Attract Customers

Those keywords that we mentioned above can be so helpful! Always search for words that are relevant to your niche so that you can target the right customers. After adding the keywords and hashtags to the search box, the results will show users potentially interested in what you like. From here, you can engage with them and see what they say they’re missing on the market. Building a solid relationship is the key to success.

Respond to Users

Remember to communicate with your community, current, and potential customers. Respond to all users who have questions about your products/services, share your thoughts, give advice, etc. When you narrow down the search using your Twitter handles or mentions, it will be very much like simplified customer service because it will show everything users say about your business.

Find Influencers

Relevant, likable influencers are much harder to find than you think! Unfortunately, it can be pretty challenging to click with a person and want them to represent your brand. Thankfully, before considering a partnership, you can employ the advanced tools and learn about their engagement, previous partnerships, whether they’re interested in your products and much more.

Influencers are a valuable part of your marketing strategy, and the right ones will reach a brand-new audience and bring you many new customers. These partnerships are even more essential for smaller businesses that need the magic of word-of-mouth to become a staple in the industry.

Follow Your Customers

After you put Twitter’s advanced searches into action and found potential customers, you can start following them. This is the first step towards them liking what you have to offer, following you back, and purchasing your products or services. It’s an excellent way to interact with them and get valuable feedback. People love brands that care, so following them will show that you pay attention to your audience and want to hear their thoughts.

Target Your Customer’s Interests

You can’t build a successful brand if you don’t target your customer’s interests. You’ve probably noticed that many companies ask their customers what they want to see next from them in terms of products and services. With Twitter’s advanced search, you can get feedback from people about what the market is lacking, so you can roll up your sleeves and make their wishes come true. If many people say that they need a product or a service in your niche, then what are you waiting for?

Reach the Right Media Outlets and People for Exposure

If you know that specific media outlets love talking about brands in your niche, it’s time that you go through their Tweets and study their behavior. See what they like, what they post, and focus on getting their eyes on you.

Many PR companies, influencers, journalists use this platform to scout for great brands they want to support. Getting mentioned by some of them can be a huge marketing opportunity; all you need to do is attract their attention.


While a basic Twitter search won’t give you too much valuable information to include in your marketing strategy, an in-depth one can literally change the course of your business positively. The benefits you can gain include targeting the right audience, having excellent customer service, learning more about your customer’s behavior, etc.

Aside from using advanced operators to learn how to search someone’s Tweets, you can also employ them to find old tweets and explore past events, research specific words, investigate engagement, locations, and much more. With these key parameters, you can attract relevant influencers, target your customer’s interests, communicate with your community, attract new customers, and get media exposure.

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