What Happens When You Reactivate Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites. Since its establishment, it has gained many users and now includes top celebrities and even world leaders. You can literally find anything on Twitter. Whether you enjoy memes, funny cat videos, celebrity news, or just want to be updated with the latest news and politics, Twitter is the place to be. Users also can deactivate their accounts any time they’d wish to due to reasons best known to them. This article will help you learn more about Twitter, its policies, and how to reactivate your account will keep all your data

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What Happens When You Reactivate Twitter?

Twitter usually preserves an existing account’s data even after the user has deactivated it. Since Twitter takes online security very seriously, you can rest assured that all your data will be kept safe until you finally decide to reactivate your account. It’s also worth noting that even though your existing data will be kept secure, Twitter will partly restrict its access for a specific duration. 

When Can You Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Twitter’s deactivation policy currently allows users to revive their deactivated accounts as long as they do it before 30 days. Your account data, including profile information, will be stored in the Twitter database until the reactivation time limit has exceeded.

If you decide to restore your account after the expiration of the reactivation deadline, you will be forced to sign up afresh, which means building your account from scratch.  

How to Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Suppose you wish to reactivate Twitter account before the 30-day limit. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Login in through twitter’s official website. To do so, search ‘Twitter login’ on your browser or simply click on twitter.com/login to be redirected to twitter’s official website. 
  • Enter all login details in the fill-out spaces provided. 
  • A message will be displayed on your mobile device or computer asking you to confirm if you want to reactivate your account.
  • If you are sure, click yes to be redirected to your account timeline and Twitter profile.

Note that during the first few hours of restoration, users are restricted from accessing their previous tweets, likes, and followers. 

What Would Cause Your Reactivation to Fail?

A few reasons can cause your account reactivation process to fail. Here are some of the most common reasons for failed account reactivation:

You Have Exceeded Twitter’s Reactivation Deadline

As we had mentioned earlier, Twitter has a reactivation period of 30 days. After the reactivation period is exceeded, not even Twitter customer support team can help you gain your account back. You will still be able to sign up using the previous credentials but won’t have access to the previous account’s details. 

You Are Using the Twitter Mobile App

Currently, Twitter does not support account reactivation via the mobile app, regardless of the installed version. Unfortunately, this means that to reactivate a Twitter account, the user will have to resort to the web version of the social media platform. 

Your Account Is Compromised

Are you using the exact login details as before, but you still can’t get through the login page? We are sorry to inform you that you might be a victim of hacking. Carry out a password reset first to ensure that you didn’t enter the wrong password when logging in. If it fails, contact the Twitter support team and choose the ‘hacked account’ option when submitting a request.

Twitter Is Restricting You From Doing So

If you keep getting the message ‘account reactivation disabled’ when trying to log in, Twitter might have temporarily restricted you from restoring your account. That is not a big deal in most cases, and the problem will be automatically resolved within a few hours. However, if the problem persists, contact twitter’s support team for assistance.


Will I Get Back My Followers When I Reactivate Twitter?

Yes. However, some people may not immediately get their followers back. No need to worry, as this will be corrected within 24 hours. If it has been two days and your follower count is not yet restored, contact Twitter support for assistance.

Does Deactivating Twitter Delete My Posts?

When you close down your account, Twitter will keep your posts for at least 30 days. However, after you deactivate your account, your old posts will only be visible to your followers. If someone saved your tweets before you deactivated your account, they would keep seeing them on their timeline. 

How Many Times Can I Deactivate My Twitter Account?

Twitter’s current deactivation policy does not limit the number of times users can deactivate their accounts.

Can I Access Chats From a Deactivated Account?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see chats from a deactivated Twitter account.

Is It Possible to Hide My Twitter Account?

Yes, it’s possible to hide your Twitter account. To enable the option, go to settings and click on ‘security and privacy in the left corner. You will then be required to enter your password to confirm your identity. Once you have confirmed your identity, go to the ‘privacy and safety option and select ‘protect my tweets. To hide your Twitter account from members not on your followers list, click on ‘only allow followers to view my account.’

Does Deactivating Twitter Delete Everything?

No, Twitter will not delete everything even after deactivating your account. If you want your Twitter account to be permanently deleted, you’ll have to request twitter support to do it. You should note that deleting your account is permanent, and you will be giving up the option to reactivate it in the future.

How Do I Reset My Password If I Lost Access to My Twitter Sign Up Email? 

In the unfortunate event that you lose access to the email registered to your Twitter account, contact your email service provider for assistance. Twitter will only restore your account if you have the email registered to your account or a phone number that they had verified. 


Twitter is a global social media platform with many users that lets people from different parts of the world stay connected. You can follow your favorite celebrities, actors, lawmakers, and brand through the platform. In the unfortunate event that you deactivate your account and want to reactivate it, follow the tips we have provided in the article to learn how to go by it. If you are looking to grow your Twitter following after reactivating your account, reach out to us, and we’ll help you hit the numbers you need organically.

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