How to Get Out of Twitter Jail

Have you ever been on the Twitter platform and your account just freezes? Or maybe you’ve been tweeting a lot and sending a lot of direct messages, and suddenly you just can’t access your Twitter account anymore? Has your Twitter been suspended?

If this ever happens to you, your account just might have been sent to Twitter jail.

Like the real-life jail, Twitter jail is where all law-violating Twitter accounts are sent to. Twitter has set this as a facet of their social media platform to regulate the Twittersphere and guard it against unscrupulous Twitter users.

Have you ever been to Twitter jail? Or perhaps your account is in Twitter jail right now, and you just want your freedom to tweet?

Whatever the case may be, this read will be your guide into how to get out of Twitter jail and how to avoid Twitter jail entirely.

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What is Twitter Jail?

What is Twitter jail? Twitter jail is a term coined by Twitter users describing Twitter’s actions towards your account when you exceed limitations on tweets, follows, or direct messages per day.

Twitter jail is like Twitter’s way of reducing the amount of spam, spammers, and general trash on their social media platform. Without Twitter jail, Twitter would be a chaotic and discouraging place to be in.

Imagine if Twitter did not have Twitter jail in place, then you would probably be getting too much spam, fake followers, and spammy marketing material.

To the normal, law-abiding Twitter user, Twitter jail is the light that keeps Twitter spick and span and a joy to use. To the unscrupulous user who spams and scams the Twittersphere, Twitter jail is the worst thing that could have happened to the Twitter platform abuser.

What Happens in Jail: A Breakdown of Twitter Jail Time

Several things happen to your account when in Twitter jail. Three things can happen for sure to your Twitter when sent to Twitter jail.

1.  Twitter shadowban

This usually means that your Twitter is in a read-only mode. You can’t Tweet or retweet Twitter content, and the visibility of your profile and past tweets becomes limited.

Shadowbans are a result of content issues like copyright infringement or spam. This usually lasts from 12 hours to around 1 week, depending on the severity of your offenses.

2.  Twitter suspension

If your Twitter is suspended, this means your account is permanently disabled. Your tweets will no longer be visible, and you will no longer be able to tweet anything anymore.

Suspension is usually a result of rule violations like tweeting misleading, offensive, abusive, fake, or hateful content. 

3. Twitter lock

A lock means you cannot access your Twitter for a limited time. Most of the time This sanction is usually associated with exceeding Twitter limits on tweets, follows, and DM’s. 

What are the Limits on Twitter?

To avoid getting trapped in Twitter jail, every Twitter user must be aware of the limitations an account has on Twitter.

Once you understand your limits on Twitter, your chances of being thrown into Twitter jail will drastically be reduced. There are 5 limits you should remember at all times. Tweet within these limits, and you can enjoy Twitter and all its benefits to your content.

The 5 limitations are:

1.  Spamming or Duplicate Tweets

If the Twitter system sees that you have been tweeting the same tweet multiple times, your account may be sent to Twitter jail.

If caught violating this Twitter limitation, you may spend time in Twitter jail for several days, depending on the severity of your violation.

2.  The 100 tweets per hour limit

A hundred tweets are a lot already, and if you exceed this limitation, you will be in Twitter jail for an hour or two. Be aware that your 100 tweet limit includes tweeting links and retweets and not just original content.

3.  The 1,000 tweets per day limit

Do not go over a thousand tweets in a day, and the Twitter police won’t come to throw you in jail.

If ever you exceed this limit, expect your account to be thrown in Twitter jail until the next day. Twitter usually restores your Twitter account by 12 am of the next day.

4.  The 250 Direct Message (DM) limit

Send up to 250 direct messages to people on Twitter to avoid being sent to Twitter jail. If you exceed 250 DM’s in 24 hours, expect your account to be in jail for at least 24 hours.

5.  Aggressive Following

Aggressive following is described by Twitter as following 1,000 people in 24 hours. People caught doing aggressive following are sent to Twitter jail.

Note that following 2,000 Twitter accounts without having any followers alerts Twitter to jail your account. 

How to Get Out of Twitter Jail

Sometimes we may not be aware that we have gotten ourselves some Twitter jail time. We may be surprised to get an error message when tweeting. Getting this kind of error message likely means that our account has been sent to Twitter jail.

How do we get out of Twitter jail? Here are some tips on how to get out of jail and be free to roam the Twittersphere:

  • Wait it Out

Most of the time, your limit violations get your Twitter frozen for several hours. If the error message contains some instructions to reactivate your Twitter, take note and follow them to reinstate your account’s activity.

  • File an Appeal

If you think you have not violated any limit or rule, yet your account has been sent to jail, write an appeal email letter to the Twitter Support team for them to review your case and reactivate your Twitter.

Avoidance is Key

Avoiding Twitter jail is far better than trying to get out of it.

Twitter is a platform that affords you a lot of freedom. Do not abuse this freedom because bad actions will surely get you in trouble.

Use Twitter within the limits given to you. Be courteous to other users, respect people’s intellectual property, and do not be a scamming spammer.

Maddie Schultz
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