Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter

Almost everyone is on Twitter. Politicians, world-class celebrities, experts in various fields, most of the people you know, and millions of strangers own a profile on the site.

The exciting feature about Twitter is that you can directly interact with these people who you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to talk to in person. You can visit their profiles anytime and leave a comment or a direct message.

With all these possible interactions, isn’t it thrilling to know who views your profile and how often?

In this article, we will answer whether you can see who viewed your Twitter account and the other methods you can use to determine this information. 

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Can You See who views your Twitter?

Whether it’s to track the people who might be interested in you or to gather information to use for marketing your brand, it is definitely useful if you can see who viewed your Twitter account.

Prior social media platforms have a feature that you can turn on in your account settings. As long as you are “visible” when you visit other users’ profiles, meaning you will be added to their list of profile visitors, you will also get a list of the people who viewed your profile.

So, if someone visited your profile, can you see who viewed your Twitter account?

It’s not possible to find out who can see who viewed your Twitter accout.

Unlike other social networks which can keep track of who your profile visitors are, Twitter does not. The platform claims that this is for the security of its users.

Though it is unfortunate that Twitter does not have a convenient feature like this, there are other ways for you to determine who has visited your profile. 

How Can You See Who Looks At Your Twitter?

Even if Twitter does not provide users with a convenient list of profile visitors, they do provide other data. Using these, you can now tell who has seen your profile.

What are these data that you can use? These are the direct engagements on your profile.

Whenever a person comments, likes or retweets your post, you will get a notification. It is imperative that you check these out. Because these are the profile engagements that will give you insights into profile visits.


Open one of your Tweets, then scroll down to check out the comments section. There you will see the names of the users who have written a comment on your post.


Open your tweet. Just below View Tweet Activity, there is the Likes info. The number of people is instantly shown there. To view the names of the users who have liked your post, simply click Likes with the number beside it.


Open any of your Tweets, then beside the number of Likes is the number of Retweets and Quote Tweets that your post has had. Simply click those to view the usernames of those that have shared your post.

By looking at these data that can be found in your Tweets, you can assume that these are the people who have viewed your profile since they have directly interacted with your profile posts. 

Can Twitter Analytics Tell You Who Viewed Your Tweets and Profile?

Another area that you can look at is the Twitter Analytics tool. You can access this by following these steps:

  1. On a web browser, log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click More on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Then on the pop-up menu, choose Analytics.

If this is your first time opening Twitter Analytics, a new window will open where you can click the Turn analytics on button. You will then have access to more detailed information about your profile engagements.

Twitter’s advanced metric tools can show you a comprehensive report on your profile and post engagement:

  • How many people have visited your profile
  • How many likes your posts have garnered
  • How many shares your posts have gotten
  • How many clicks your shared links have gotten
  • How many impressions your Tweets have earned in the last 5 months
  • How many new followers you have gained 

If you have posted videos, you may also check out the detailed report for those. These are:

  • How many views your videos have gotten in the last 5 months
  • How many video minutes on average is played each day
  • How long your videos retain viewer’s attention

Though you cannot see the names of the people who have viewed your profile, you can still see the number of people who have visited your profile using Twitter Analytics.

You can also utilize this information to determine if your posts are interesting and pull in people to get engagements and followers

Can You Use the Third-Party Apps to See Who Visited Your Twitter Profile?

It would really be interesting to know who visits your Twitter profile. But, there truly is no way to get a complete list of the people who viewed your account.

A lot of third-party applications bank on this. Promising to answer the thrilling question of who views my Twitter? 

They will tell you to simply log in to your Twitter account using their app or browser extension. Then the coveted list of users who have viewed your profile will be available to you instantly.

Though it is tempting to know who your profile visitors are, do not fall for these internet scams!

For one, Twitter does not keep a record of profile clicks or visitors. There would literally be no way for other companies to get this sensitive information.

Another reason to not use third-party apps is that these might be phishing modus. Once you enter your Twitter account details while logging in to their site or app, they will now have your account username and password.

The scammers will be able to access your account when you link it to their app. They will also get your personal info and possibly some sensitive data that will compromise your account and possibly your financial accounts as well.

Online phishing sites are also known to sell account info to other companies. So, get ready to get spam emails. 

In summary

Knowing who your profile visitors are is valuable information that you can use to track your popularity or to simply pique your curiosity.

But since Twitter does not directly provide this info, there are other data that you can look at to determine your profile viewers.

However, do not trust third-party apps to give you this info. There is no truth to the report that they will present since Twitter does not collect this data for privacy reasons. In addition to that, these third-party apps pose a security risk to you and your account. For a safer and more convenient experience, simply use the built-in Analytics available on the Twitter site. It is free to use for anybody interested in knowing their posts’ engagement and tracking their follower growth.

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