Make money on Twitter

Twitter might be a powerful social network; however, it isn’t the first place people turn to when they want to earn online. However, that’s about to change because this platform offers so many possibilities you should explore. If you want to learn how to make money on Twitter, this article is an excellent place to start.

First, we’ll answer the question that most people ask: is it possible to earn on Twitter? Next, you’ll find out if your follower count will influence your earnings, followed by a list of tips that will help you understand what you should do. 

Can You Make Money On Twitter?

You can make money on Twitter and other social media platforms as part of your revenue from sponsored content.

Although Twitter isn’t necessarily the first social platform that comes to mind when you want to earn online, it’s definitely an option. Making money from Twitter is not only possible, but also anyone can do it. There are almost 200 million monetizable active monthly users on this platform, and if millions of people can do it, so can you!

What do you need to earn from this platform? You need to dedicate yourself to gaining more followers, creating engaging posts, and becoming a client that every brand will want to work with. If you don’t plan on creating monetized videos or content, and you need to promote your business and services, you’ve come to the right spot. There are many ways to earn on this network, so let’s see how many followers you should have.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Twitter?

The number of Twitter followers isn’t as important when it comes to making money on this network. What matters is your engagement. If clients see that your followers engage with your posts, like, comment, and buy from affiliates, then you will start earning. Before a brand decides to collaborate with a client, they check its Twitter profile and see its engagement rate. Building a faithful audience is key, but they have to be active, like your posts, leave comments, and buy the products you recommend. 

Effective Ways To Earn Money On This Platform

1. Twitter Media Studio

Twitter followed the steps of another giant, YouTube, and let its followers earn from their Twitter presence. In other words, you can make money by using this platform. The Studio helps users add ads to the posts and videos on their Twitter accounts, including sponsored links, videos, and much more.

2. Twitter Ads

Twitter, just social media platforms such as Facebook, helps content creators and businesses advertise their brands, services, products. These ads are highly targeted, meaning that you can choose who sees them. If you have a target group that you know will respond well to what you’re offering, this network allows you to choose the location, age, etc. 

Ads are an excellent strategy to reach the right Twitter users and even reach a much wider audience. Since the platform allows you to select users based on location, demographics, age, you can push the content to whoever you want to, even people outside your regular target audience.

3. Use An Affiliate Marketing Program

Did you know that you can add affiliate links to your Twitter content? Monetizing your profile with various affiliate products or services is an option and an excellent way for income. When other users use your links to purchase products you recommended, you’ll earn commissions. In other words, the brand will give you a percentage of the sales, but they first have to recognize you as an influential user with a good engagement rate.

4. Grow Your Account

This one might be a given, but so many users underestimate the power of growing their accounts. So instead of focusing on building a faithful, targeted audience, people decide to invest in sketchy sites that sell fake followers that don’t last more than just a few days.

The more real followers you have, the more products and services you’ll sell. In other words, the more money you’ll make from this platform. Aside from focusing on quality content, you should also consider a secure Twitter growth service that will grow your follower count organically. Our team at Twenvy promises 5,000 new organic followers each month added to your Twitter account. These users are carefully selected to be a part of your target group and to engage with the content you’ll post. If they love what you do, they’ll support the ways you choose to monetize your profile.

5. Use Your Email

Growing an account with email and making money off it doesn’t sound logical at first, but bear with us. Did you know that you can add lead magnets to your Tweets? These links will take your follower to a new window that offers a certain discount if the follower leaves their email address. That way, you’ll gather the email addresses of many potential customers and also boost your sales.

6. Sponsored Tweets

Brands often collaborate with Twitter users to promote products and services. If there’s a company that you’ve always dreamed of working with and love using their products, you should let them know. Who knows, maybe they’ll decide to pay you for a sponsored Tweet.

7. Set Up a Tip Jar

Did you know that you can set up a tip jar where your followers and fans can leave tips? You can easily set this feature up in the Edit Profile section on your profile page. Then, when your followers see the jar, they can leave a tip that stimulates you to create even more engaging content.


How to make money on Twitter? Is this platform as profitable as some users describe it? Just like any other social network, Twitter offers many ways for its users to earn. Although one of the most important things is to grow your follower count, there’s much more to it than just numbers. If your engagement isn’t great, a high follower count won’t do wonders. An audience that likes and comments is one of the crucial factors.Next, you can earn by working with other brands through an affiliate program. Twitter introduced a feature called Twitter Media Studio that helps users promote their content through various channels, including affiliates, sponsorships, ads, and more. Don’t forget to set up a tip jar and try using your email to boost sales and earn more. All these tips can be used separately or together, and there’s no doubt they’ll help you reach your goal.

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