How to Change Font on Twitter

Twitter is one of the more straightforward social media platforms, as it is a microblog that allows only a limited number of characters per post. News outlets, brands, personalities, and political entities use Twitter as their outlet to release headlines about whatever it is they are concerned about. For these purposes, Twitter has garnered a less frivolous image that has a weight of seriousness compared to its contemporary social media platforms.

Despite Twitter being a more grown-up-y social media environment, wouldn’t it be a little more amusing if you could use a different Twitter font for your tweets and Twitter bio? So, is a Twitter font change on the popular microblogging platform even possible?

We think that creative Twitter makes for a great proposition for most of us Twitter users.  If only Twitter had features that make you use other fonts besides the default, wouldn’t tweeting be more fun?

If you want to change your tweeting habits by having a variety of fonts at your disposal, then let this short read be your guide to how to change your fonts on Twitter.

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Can You Change the Twitter Font?

This is the obvious question that is dying to be answered. To keep matters short, the answer is yes.

Follow-up questions to this are naturally “How do you do it?” and “Is it easy to change the Twitter font?” To answer those, we will have to familiarize ourselves with the Twitter fonts generator.

Upon mastering this third-party app, you will have the freedom to use all the fancy fonts for all your microblog posts on the Twitter platform. The use of this Twitter font generator is quite easy and intuitive and anyone will find it easy to use. The learning curve is not steep at all, and those who use this will have the power of standing out from all the millions of Twitter users through stylish fonts.

Why Should You Use Other Fonts on Twitter?

As previously mentioned, using a variety of fonts makes for an easy way to be more visible and interesting among millions of users. If your brand dabbles in promotional materials through creative content on Twitter, then using special characters and fonts should be an easy way to put out eye-catching content. The attention you attract can easily be converted to more followers on Twitter. 

In the case of font change, it is a small and simple step that gets you some results for minimal effort.

These Twitter font generators are very easy to use, too. To add this to your Twitter habits just might mean the difference between success and languishing in obscurity.

Also, if you are just plain bored with the usual Twitter common font, then maybe introducing some cool fonts to your Twitter life could do it for you. 

What is a Twitter Font Generator?

In a nutshell, a Twitter font generator is an external or 3rd party website that lets you input your tweets to be converted into the custom typeface that is way more interesting than Twitter’s default font types. These Twitter font generator sites are free and are not in any way related to Twitter.

These Twitter font generator websites let you input your tweets by copying them from Twitter and pasting them to be converted into fonts that fit your personal taste. These Twitter font generator sites offer a variety of font types from cursive fonts, cool fonts, and common fonts that are effective in capturing the attention of Twitter users.

How Do Twitter Font Generators Work?

The bit ‘font generator’ in Twitter font generator is a misnomer. They do not generate fonts for you but generate Unicode font characters for your tweets to be made usable again on the Twitter platform or other social media platforms. The fonts you generate can also be pasted to some word processing programs like MS Word.

Twitter font generators are flexible and are useful beyond the Twitter platform like YouTube and Instagram.

Best Twitter Font Generators to Check Out

There are several Twitter font generator sites out there. To know which ones are the most useful and most intuitive among them, we have compiled a shortlist of the best Twitter font generators that are available for your Tweeting convenience.

Most of these sites more or less offer the same basic features you will need for Tweeting, but some have more than basic features. Try each one out and see which one is the best fit for your Tweeting needs.

  • Fsymbols – This website offers the basic ability for you to paste in its text box the text that you want its font changed. This site also lets you copy and paste several emojis and symbols that you might want to pair with your tweets. The site is accessible in 13 different world languages like French, Japanese, Mandarin, etc. 
  • SeekMetrics – This is one of the more basic sites in this list, with just a text box for you to paste your tweet intended for font change. Upon pasting your tweet, around a dozen results are shown by the site for you to choose from. Its sole feature is this “Load More” button that you can click, so you can see more results if you are unsatisfied with the results you have. Once you find your chosen font conversion, you will have to manually highlight and copy the chosen font conversion to be pasted on your Twitter. 
  • Bibingram – Another basic font generator but has almost everything you need for creative texts on Twitter. Bibingram has a text box for you to input text and will automatically be converted into over 150 text types. Once you find your chosen font, there is a small convenience of a copy button to click. Paste and use the converted font for your tweets.
  • Fossbytes – Works exactly like Bibingram. Fossbytes has a text box where you paste your intended tweet, a copy button. Only has 80 font styles to choose from but will have some fonts like cursive fonts and calligraphy fonts that you will not find anywhere else. 
  • Cool Symbols and Fonts – This site may have the most features among all the font generator sites. The Cool Symbols and Fonts site boasts of the ‘Heart’ button that sends whatever font style your mark with a heart to the top of a list for easier choosing later on. There is also the ‘Decorate’ button that allows you to jazz up your font conversion with emojis and symbols. 
  • Fancy fonts Generator – This site works like any basic font generator, but what sets it aside is that it has tabs that show updated trends of fonts that are the most used on Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

Do, But Do Not Overdo 

Having tweets in cool, fancy fonts make your tweets stand out more among millions of tweets every day. Having an extra visual appeal to your tweets will help boost your popularity and ultimately make your brand more follow-worthy. Just remember to use this font knowledge sparingly and prioritize clarity of your tweets over aesthetics, and you will surely up your Twitter game to the next level.

Maddie Schultz
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