demographics of Twitter users

Twitter has over 330 million active monthly users as of early 2019. The company has since then switched to counting just the monetizable daily active users (mDAU). As of 2021, it has over 187 million daily users who have monetizable accounts. It means that the platform has more daily users than this, but these monetizable accounts are the ones that can see advertisements. They are the ones that you can market to. These are the ones that count.

There is a ton of people using the site. And so, to better understand the type of audience you have on the platform, you need to take a look at the Twitter users’ demographics.

Demographics is the study of the population of users based on factors. The most common are location, gender, and age. Other factors that are critical for social media marketers to know are the users’ income, educational attainment, and political alignment. Knowing all this information is already winning half the battle.

Familiarizing yourself with your audience means you can use strategies that can better cater to their desires. You will be able to choose branding that is suited to your crowd. You will be able to choose a voice that they will most likely listen to. Marketing that resonates with your audience is the most effective impetus for conversion.

Make a genuine connection with your consumers by knowing who they are and what they are interested in.

Take a look at the demographics of Twitter users we’ve compiled to help you out.

demographics of Twitter users

7 Twitter Demographics You Should Care About

Based on the info that users provide, here is the breakdown of the Twitter audience. Most of these are based on data gathered here.

1.    Location

  • More than 80% of Twitter users are located outside of the US.
  • There are 69.3 million users from the United States as of January 2021.
  • Most of the US users live in the city or suburban areas.
  • There are still 3.2 million users in China despite the platform being banned in their country.

What this means:

The international population of Twitter users is vastly greater than US users. If your brand can accommodate worldwide customers, the best place to be is on Twitter. There are numerous users even in places where the platform is banned.

However, the 69.3 million US users can’t be shrugged off. It’s still a good amount of audience to have if you are limited to the continent. Plus, the people who live in the city tend to value material comforts and also have the money to splurge on their wants.

2.    Gender

  • Worldwide, 62% of the user population are male, while 38% are female.
  • In the United States, there are as many men as women on the platform.
  • However, females are the more active users of Twitter in the US.
  • Though more active on the platform, US women are more likely to keep their Twitter accounts private than men.

What this means:

Women tend to keep private accounts for safety reasons. Females are more likely to get stalked or harassed online. To safeguard against this, they would set their accounts to private.

So, if you want your posts to be retweeted and to reach a larger audience, target the male population. They are the ones who have more public accounts and users worldwide.

However, if you want to have a more loyal base, target the female population. They are more active and outspoken on the platform. Word of mouth recommendations provide you with quality followers. 

3.    Age

  • 28.9% of users are in the 25-34 age groups.
  • 28.2% of users are 35-49 years old.
  • 21.6% are 18-24 years old.
  • More and more Teenagers in the US use Twitter over Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Reddit.

What this means:

The working-age population has the greatest number of users on the platform. These are the people who make money. So, it’s a great opportunity to exploit this demographic.

After a long day’s work, people like to pamper themselves. Build on this need to make your products or services a necessity in their daily lives.

Younger people are also being drawn to Twitter year after year. Catch their attention with interesting visuals and headlines. 

4.    Income

  • In a Twitter users’ survey, 41% have an annual household income of $75,000.
  • Only 23% earn a household income of $30,000 annually.

What this means:

Since a lot of Twitter users belong to the working-age groups, they also have more income annually. This means they have more financial freedom to purchase pricier products or those that are not necessities anymore, like luxury items. You can set a higher price point for your products since most users can afford them. 

5.    Education

  • At least 42% of the US Twitter population has a bachelor’s degree.

What this means:

The people on Twitter are educated, meaning they are more critical of what they see. They will not be easily fooled by meaningless advertisements.

They are also more opinionated about political and social issues. These people are more likely to support brands that uphold a cause, like Black Lives Matter.

6.    Political views

  • About 36% of Twitter users consider themselves Democrats.
  • Only about 21% identify as Republicans.
  • 64% of users believe that blacks are not treated fairly.
  • 66% of users say that immigrants strengthen their country.
  • 62% of users think that women are still hindered in society.

What this means:

A number of Twitter users identify as Democrats and are more open-minded about issues plaguing the country. They like championing equality in all aspects. Brands like Nike, who support these movements, are more favored by these people.

Your brand can also be made to align with these ideas to create a stronger bond with your customers. Plus, it would make you feel awesome to be doing your part in making the world a better place.

7.    Ethnicity

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they use Twitter:

  • White: 21%
  • Black: 24%
  • Hispanic: 25%

What this means:

Racism is a big issue in the world ever since. Fortunately, people are becoming more open-minded generation after generation. Thanks to online social media platforms, a voice has been given to various peoples around the world.

Twitter’s user base is so widespread that 80% of them live outside the US. This means you have a large international audience on the site. You can target any group that you want to address. They’re all represented on the social media platform.

Other Stats to Help Your Marketing Strategy

Aside from Twitter demographics, there are other information which are very useful in building your plan of action. Here are more figures and tips that you can follow to easily market your brand.

  • Users spend about 3 minutes per session.
  • A tweet’s lifespan is only about 15-20 minutes.
  • About 77% of Twitter users get a good impression of brands who respond to their tweets.

What this means:

Twitter is a very fast-paced medium. Make the most of the limited time you get with each audience by creating impactful tweets that will have a recall effect.

Research the best times to post tweets so that you can maximize their visibility and interactions.

It’s also good practice to have your alerts turned ‘On’ so that you can respond immediately to the users’ comments or direct messages.

  • Active Twitter users open the app to check updates on news and events, to connect with other people, and to entertain themselves.
  • In 2020, tweets about gaming reached 2 billion in numbers.
  • Tweets about cooking increased to almost three times that year.
  • Every minute, there are more than 7,000 tweets about movies and TV series.

What this means:

People are going online on Twitter for most of their entertainment needs. Ride that wave by tweeting about what’s relevant to the Twitter community. You’ll be able to build a connection with more users this way. More followers mean more chances for conversion. 

  • Every day, there are about 500 million tweets posted.
  • 6 out of 10 users expect to hear from brands within an hour.
  • More marketers are planning to use Twitter this 2021.

What this means:

Interacting with followers, producing content, and creating ads already take so much of your time. Then you’ve got the incoming competition to think about. It’s difficult to keep up with this pace on your own.

Outsourcing work to get everything done is the way to go. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of immediate replies. To produce constant fresh content, hire writers and graphic designers. To easily get more followers and boost your brand, avail of an organic growth service that won’t get you into trouble.

In Summary

With the rise of the internet and smartphones came the advent of social media. Everybody hopped on board the new media craze. The television was forgotten and left to die a slow death along with those disruptive and boring TV ads that everybody disliked.

The internet suddenly became the new frontier for promoting brands. Online marketing brought in new and exciting opportunities to interact with consumers. With a single click, the whole world becomes your captive audience.

Twitter, being part of the top 5 social media sites in the United States, makes a very good platform to interact with your audience. It’s a place for new ideas, opinions, and feedback. It’s a place where brands can grow together with their followers.

For a brand to flourish, you must first know your audience. Understanding the demographics of Twitter users shines a light on what strategies can be done to be successful at Twitter marketing.

Currently, the population is young, wealthy, and more educated. It’s a healthy market that you should not let pass.

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