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Whether you are a marketer who has already done some marketing on Twitter or a marketer who is still thinking about having a stake in the Twitter marketing game, there are more than a few Twitter statistics that are worth knowing. The knowledge of these stats will make decisions you make in your Twitter marketing much easier and your campaigns more effective and cost-efficient.

A good marketer knows that Twitter is a fertile place to promote their brand primarily because of the millions of active users the social media platform has. How many users does Twitter have, exactly? Twitter user number has almost doubled since 2017 and this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

Why do people choose to go on Twitter? What kind of content does Twitter offer that other social media platforms do not offer? Your target audience on Twitter is mainly on it for their daily fix of the news. Twitter’s 280 characters give its user the experience of being informed about the latest news one post at a time.  Although the kind of news may vary for the whole width of Twitter demographics, one thing is for certain; people go on Twitter to update themselves with the news at their convenience.

Model your marketing strategy according to the nature of Twitter and the latest Twitter statistics we are about to delve into, and you could never go wrong with your Twitter ad campaigns.

twitter user number

Key Twitter Statistics to Take Note to Improve Your 2022 Marketing Strategies

Every successful social media marketing campaign’s foundation is good information, and Marketing on Twitter is no different. To have any sort of success on the microblogging service, you will have to learn about the numbers that define the Twitter universe.

The Number of Twitter Users

  • 199 million: The total number of Twitter users as of the 1st quarter of 2021
  • 1.3 billion: The total number of Twitter accounts crated on Twitter since 2006
  • 330 million: The number of monthly active Twitter users
  • 152 million: The number of daily users of Twitter

As made obvious by these user stats, Twitter has hundreds of millions of user accounts. Start thinking of those user accounts as the potential reach of your ad campaign. Even just a fraction of the number of Twitter users will do good for your brand’s exposure.

Twitter Usage by the Numbers

  • 79% of all Twitter users are on the platform to discover something new
  • 80% of all Twitter users aces the microblogging platform through a mobile device
  • 500 million: Tweets sent every day on Twitter
  • Twitter is ranked 6th most-used mobile app

Twitter is one of the most relevant apps these days that it is not at all risky to do an ad campaign on Twitter.

The Gender of Twitter Users

  • 70% of all Twitter users worldwide are male
  • 30% of all Twitter users worldwide are female
  • 54% of all United States Twitter users are male
  • 43% of all United States Twitter users are female
  • 21% of all female users of the internet use Twitter
  • 24% of all male users of the internet use Twitter

Consider these gender stats for a better approach for your Twitter ad campaign. Twitter is slightly used more by male users anywhere in the world. A slightly male-appealing ad campaign for your brand might work better on Twitter.

The Age of Twitter Users

  • 28.9% of all international users are from the age group of 25-34 years old
  • 21% of US adults use Twitter
  • 80% of all Twitter users are wealthy millennials
  • 42% of all US Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old
  • 27% of all US Twitter users are between the ages of 30 and 49 years old

The greater majority of Twitter users are of the younger populace, so any marketing on Twitter should be tailor-made to be appealing to a younger audience.

Average Time Spent on Twitter

  • The average Twitter user spends 3.39 minutes per session
  • 42% of all Twitter users are on the social network daily

Given that the average session spent on Twitter is not too long, consider creating Twitter ads that are short and sweet. Create ads that immediately grab the attention of a user as soon as they see your ad. In Twitter, brevity will go a long way.

Top 4 Countries that Use Twitter

  • United States of America – 63.9 million users
  • Japan – 50.9 million users
  • India – 17.9 million users
  • United Kingdom – 16.45 million users

Twitter marketers are allowed by Twitter to target audiences in any country, but the knowledge of where Twitter thrives the most can be an important piece of knowledge for your next Twitter marketing campaign.

Twitter Financial Stats

  • $54.2 Billion: Twitter net worth as of Q2 of 2021
  • $3.72 Billion: Twitter revenue for the whole of 2020
  • $1.04 Billion: Twitter revenue as of Q1 of 2021

Twitter Advertising Stats

  • $899 million: Total Twitter ad revenue
  • Twitter ad engagements increased by 11% year-over-year as of Q1 of 2021
  • Twitter CPE (cost per engagement) increased by 19% year-over-year as of Q! of 2021

Get in on the action, too! Take advantage of the fertile advertising environment of Twitter

Twitter Marketing Stats

  • 67% of all B2B (business to business) use Twitter as an internet marketing tool
  • 77% of Twitter users develop a good impression of a brand that responds to a tweet.
  • 6/10 Twitter users expect a brand to respond to a customer service request within an hour
  • Twitter users spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than ads on other social media platforms
  • Twitter users are 53% more likely to buy new products they see on Twitter
  • 93% of Twitter users are open to having ads and brand presence on Twitter
  • 19% of Twitter users will unfollow a brand because of bad or poor hashtag usage

There is no excuse not to have your ads on Twitter these days. Twitter’s reach and influence are something you just have to be a part of. Just remember to use only the most appropriate hashtags!

Twitter Video Stats

  • Twitter ads with videos get 10 times more engagement
  • 2 billion videos are viewed on Twitter every day
  • The 3rd reason people are on Twitter is to watch videos
  • Twitter video ads are 50% cheaper in terms of CPE

Using videos for your ads will always be a good idea.

Fun Twitter Stats

Some fun but useful Twitter facts and stats to brighten your day:

  • The most used emoji on Twitter is the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji with over 2 billion times used
  • The second most used emoji on Twitter is the “Loudly Crying Face” emoji with over 800 million times used
  • Twitter is now 15 years old
  • 2 billion: Tweets that were sports-related in 2020
  • 300%: the increase of tweets in 2020 that are about cooking
  • 7,000 tweets/minute: Tweets about TV or movies in 2020
  • Twitter is banned in China, North Korea, and Iran.
  • The average Twitter user has 707 Twitter followers
  • Tweets that contain GIFs get 55% much more engagement than those without GiFs

Knowing the Twitter Users Statistics is Half the Battle!

Knowing is more than half the battle in Twitter marketing. These latest stats have just given you a clearer picture of how to approach making your next Twitter ad. If you organically grow your Twitter following and consider all the statistics that you’ve just learned in creating your next Twitter ad campaign, there will be no stopping you! 

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