What Are Twitter Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are doing really well on other social media platforms. Since Facebook and Instagram employed carousel ads, these ads have proven to increase click-through rates for their advertisers.

Twitter’s experiment with offering advertisers the use of carousel 2015 to 2016 did not prove to be too successful for the platform. Removing the carousel ad feature after a year of trial was quite understandable.

Twitter has returned and revamped their carousel ad feature in 2020 and this time around the carousel ad has proven to be a hit. Click-through rates on carousel ads have increased compared to static image ads. Carousel ads have also increased app installs per impression.

With these impressive developments, advertisers and users can expect the carousel ad feature is here to stay.

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What Are Twitter Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads are a type of ad format option on social media that features multiple images in one advertising real estate. Instead of showing just one image or video in an ad, a carousel ad lets its audience scroll sideways to reveal up to 6 videos or images.

Carousel ads convey a better visual story than conventional single-image ads. With the availability of 2-6 images or videos, an advertiser can play with possibilities with their creativity.  Only one’s imagination is the limit on what an advertiser can feature on their Twitter carousel ad.

Advertisers would want their social media and Twitter ads in this format because they could showcase more of their product or service in the space of one ad. Users like the idea of carousel ads because ads don’t take up so much space and yet will have a lot to show them in case they decide to scroll through these ads.

Carousel ads are a win-win for advertisers and their target audiences. No wonder, Twitter carousel ads get more conversion rates than static, single image ads.

Why Use Carousel Ads on Twitter?

Carousel ads on Twitter have proven to have the highest conversion rates and engagement with Twitter users, so what’s not to like? 

Average engagement rates of Twitter carousel ads have surpassed static, single-mage ads by quite a substantial margin. According to a report by Adweek, advertisers have seen a tenfold increase in traffic to their websites since employing carousel ads.

Click-through rates on Twitter carousel ads are higher by 15.9% compared to static, single-image Twitter ads. Ads that have a call to action imploring users to install apps have been more successful by 24% since being featured on a Twitter carousel ad.

For checking the performance of your Twitter ads, you can always consult your Twitter analytics to see how good your Twitter carousel ads are doing.

2-6 images or videos will go a long way in a carousel ad. The ability to show more clickable button images on a Twitter carousel ad ensures you of an engaged audience when users view your Twitter carousel ad.

How to Upload Carousel Ads to Twitter

Creating a Twitter Ads Account

Not everyone on Twitter can upload Twitter carousel ads. To get the benefits of carousel ads, you must first create a Twitter Ads account. To do this, you can follow these simple steps:

1.  Visit Twitter.com on a web browser.

2.  Log in to the Twitter account from where you will promote tweets from.

3.  After logging in, visit ads.Twitter.com.

4.  Choose your time zone and country. Note that you will not be able to change these details later on.

5.  Set up your Twitter Support Mode.

6.  Complete your Twitter Ads account by entering your billing info and starting a campaign.

Register Your Funding Source

To begin uploading Twitter carousel ads to your account, you must first register a funding source. This will be your payment method for every ad you upload to Twitter. You will not be able to upload ads to Twitter if you do not the following steps first:

1.  Visit ads.Twitter.com on a web browser.

2.  Register your funding sources, whether be it a credit or debit card.

3.  Enter your card details.

4.  Enter your full name, address, and email.

5.  Click Save.

Uploading Carousel Ads to Twitter

Upon following the above steps, you can now upload Twitter carousel ads to your Twitter Ads account. Follow these steps to upload carousel ads to your Twitter account:

1.  Click on the Creatives menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

2.  Click on Tweet Composer.

3.  Fill up the What’s Happening box.

4.  Click on ‘Carousel.’

5.  Choose the Card Type you want to use.

6.  Click on ‘Add Media’ to add pics or vids to the carousel.

7.  Upload up to 6 files. Recommended is 3-5 only for a better look. 2 is too little, 6 is too much.

8.  After filling up everything with the details you want, click tweet at the upper-right side of your screen.

Carousel Ads Best Practices

Here are the best practices in making great Twitter carousel ads:

1.  Create a story with your images. Arrange your carousel images as if to tell a story. This keeps your audience captured and will lead to more click-throughs and engagement. Plan which images come first, next, and last.

2.  Maximize the use of headlines and descriptions. Your carousel images may capture a target audience’s attention, but it is your headlines and descriptions that will make them complete the calls to action you want them to do.

3.  Use high-quality, well-composed images only. Use high-quality images for a more professional and enticing look on your carousel ad.

In Conclusion

Carousel ads gain you more engagement and click-through results. This is all you are really after if you run an ad on Twitter. Expand your marketing campaign with Twitter carousel ads, and you might just hit the engagement goals you have set for your brand.

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