How to Use Twitter Analytics

Every content creator has a social media marketing strategy that involves using different tools to measure success and adjust the content to better suit the needs of the target audience. 

But is it hard to keep track of all the important data?

No, simply because social media networks like Twitter have their own analytics that can help you evaluate content performance and develop a better social media strategy for free.

It might sound too good to be true, but as Twitter has millions of users who are trying to promote their business with every Tweet there was a need for specialized tools that would help them. Since 2014 every user has had the option to look into Twitter analytics, and you can use this opportunity to grow your Twitter account.

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What is Twitter analytics?

Twitter analytics is a specially designed tool that allows users to see their social media metrics. This includes all kinds of data like likes, followers, performance, and other Twitter metrics. 

Twitter activity is extremely important for every successful content creator as the competition is fierce and you have to use amazing social media campaigns to make your impact. 

How would you know about your content performance if there is no way to see how your followers react?

This is where Twitter analytics play a crucial role in discovering and using performance metrics to see which posts are getting the most engagement and what would be the perfect time to send out Tweets. 

Using analytics on Tweets can help you decide what would be the next best step to boost your performance on Twitter and even gain more followers. But, how does this tool work and what can you discover by using it?

Stay tuned until the end for all the tips and tricks that will help your content creation and business.

The benefits of tracking Twitter analytics

People often assume that content creation is all about creativity and a bit of luck when in reality it involves a lot of planning and detailed analytics. This is why it’s easier to use ready-made tools that social media platforms like Twitter offer to see all the basic metrics in one place.

There are many reasons you should learn everything about Twitter analytics, but let’s name a few:

Audience insights

Your Twitter followers are one of the most important things for your account and your business. Since every content created has to resonate with your target audience, you need better insight into their likes and dislikes so that you can optimize your content more.

With the right Twitter strategy and clever use of the analytics tool, you will be able to track key metrics and see what your followers respond to the most. 

This tool will also be very helpful if you need inspiration and posting ideas, as you can always reflect on your successful posts and see what might spark the interest in your audience once again.

Different types of content are performing better for certain niches and industries, and you need to find out what is the key ingredient that makes your posts stand out and entice the viewers to engage.

Schedule Tweets

Depending on your time zone and the location of your followers, there is always an optimal time to post your Tweets. This is why it can be very beneficial to see the pattern in Twitter analytics and make each Tweet count by posting when your followers are active the most.

Twitter, like so many other social media platforms, works fast, so you need to make sure that you know when to post and even schedule Tweets for the best results.

Twitter growth

Your Twitter performance will affect your growth and the number of followers you have. So using analytics can be quite beneficial here too because you will have the opportunity to see all the relevant stats, custom reports and so much more.

This can help you see what performs the best and try to boost your account with a better marketing campaign. While Twitter is an amazing place to promote your content, it also has millions of users and everything is moving so fast that you need to make every Tweet count and stand out in the crowd.

This is often easier said than done, so in addition to relevant content, you need to make sure it’s reaching people you want to when you want to.

How to access Twitter analytics?

Now that we are familiar with all the key features and benefits, we can move on to actually find all the information on Twitter. Depending on the device you are using, you can access the analytics either on the website or on the Twitter app.

Access Twitter analytics on the website

  1. Open Twitter in browser and log in;
  2. Click on “More” on the left side menu;
  3. Scroll down and click on “Analytics”.

Access Twitter analytics on the app

  1. Open the Twitter app and log in with your credentials;
  2. Click on the Tweet you want to see analytics for;
  3. Tap on “View Tweet Activity”.

Keep in mind that you are not able to see the entire activity dashboard on your app. You will be able to see how the individual Tweet is performing, which can be helpful for content creation on the go.

For developing more substantial strategies and a better understanding of engagement metrics you need to use your desktop and all the available tools. This will give you the opportunity to work on a solid marketing plan and make all the preparations for success.

While many people believe content creating is easy and spontaneous, you now know the importance of competitive analysis and how it can affect your Twitter growth.

Most useful Twitter analytic stats

Many Twitter metrics can give you a better insight into your content performance, but some are more useful than others, so we made sure to mention the most popular ones. 

Here are detailed analytics you should look into:

Followers dashboard

One of the most important dashboards you can use is depicting the behavior of your followers. This is not only interesting data to see, but you can use the information wisely to adjust the content based on the audience preferences.

You can see:

Social media channels are always dependant on the followers, and while it’s not all about the number of people following you, it can’t hurt to see increased follower count. These metrics will give you a clear idea of your Twitter growth and help you decide on the next best move.

Keep in mind that Twitter is still a social network and this means you need other users to be successful. Knowing who is your top follower or the one who has the most followers themselves can create some interesting opportunities for collaboration. 

Engagement metrics

After you have a better understanding of who follows you, you might want to take a closer look at the engagement rates.

There are many performance metrics here that can help you see which Tweet is getting the most traction, what is your most popular content and all the other interactions like:

  • Link clicks
  • Retweets
  • Hashtag performance
  • Follows
  • Replies
  • Likes

All the mentioned analytics on Tweets and so many more are considered to be the most important part of every good content-creating strategy. Just like any other social media platform, engagement with your followers is the key to success you need to find the best approach to boost your views and engagement rates.

Make sure to pay special attention to details and see why individual Tweets are performing better than others, what can be changed and what you can do to increase the follower count

Hashtag analytics

Twitter is known as the original platform where hashtags were first used to add meaning and appropriation to each Tweet. This is why you need to monitor the hashtag performance and use them wisely every time you post.

Hashtags will allow you to see Twitter impressions that are the number of views your Tweet received. This can be an important step to better understating not only your existing followers but also your target audience.

When people find your content interesting and relevant, they are more likely to interact and even follow you for more information. So, the best way to enhance your performance is to see what Tweets are your best and which ones are not performing well.

Other analytics on Twitter

Depending on your business and Twitter marketing plan, you might find that the metrics we mentioned above are just enough to propel you to success. 

But, in case you need some additional analytics on Tweet, you can also look into:

  • Video completion rate
  • Brand follower growth
  • Average Tweet performance
  • Twitter-length VS engagement
  • Tweet reach percentage

Explore your options on Twitter and make sure you are looking into every category that might be crucial for your performance on Twitter.

Twitter analytics tools you’ll love to use

Besides the free version of Twitter analytics you can use on the platform, there are many other third-party apps developed that can help you get even better key metrics. We will mention the most popular and useful ones you will love, but there are so many options to explore.


Tweepsmap is different than other apps on the market because you can get amazing results even with the free version, and you can always upgrade to the paid one if you need to. The tool is primarily focused on demographics and a deeper analysis of your followers.

With Tweepsmap you can easily find and contact influential followers that can help your business and account grow in the right direction. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Union Metrics

When you are just getting started and you need some tool that is super easy to use on the go, you need Union Metrics. This tool might not have all the analytics dashboard data like some others, but it’s clean and great for people who are just trying out new strategies on Twitter.

Unbox Social

This is one of the most popular tools for Twitter that can provide you with a better insight into your audience and performance. You can track mentions, brands, generate custom reports, and take a better look at your audience demographics. 

If you want to know more about your followers and even the number of followers they have, you will definitely love this tool.

Tweet Binder

When you are trying to build a business and a brand, you need to keep up with trends and popular hashtags. This is where tools like Tweet Binder shine and provide you with amazing ways of following hashtags and help you develop effective strategies.

Tweet Binder offers real-time monitoring of social platforms like Twitter and Instagram and adds more to your content strategy.


One of the best-performing AI tools on our list is Tweepi. 

All you have to do is fill out the required information, and artificial intelligence will give you all the recommendations you need. It’s best for finding and reaching your target audience, and it’s perfect in combination with other tools we mentioned earlier.

Final Thoughts

Twitter performance is rarely based on pure luck and most of the time even the smallest Tweets have a lot of research done in the background. It might be overwhelming to find out that you need to use tools to improve your social channels, but on the other hand, they are easy to learn and they will help you a lot.
You now have all the information you need about Twitter analytics and all the alternatives on the market that can help your posts perform better, reach more people, and grow your account.

Maddie Schultz
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