How to Create Your Circle of Twitter Interactions

On Twitter, much like on other social media platforms, you have some people or contacts that you interact with more than others. And around this time of the year – when the current year ends and the new year begins – we get these cutesy mini-apps made by social media platforms that show you which friends or contacts you have had the most interactions with.

Twitter probably won’t do that for us any time soon but thankfully there is Chirpty if a year-end Twitter interaction circle is your thing.

How does Chirpty work, then? If you want to know, this short read has got you covered. Let us head into what Chirpty is all about.

What is Chirpty?

Chirpty is a website that offers a simple service of creating a visualized Twitter circle of your Twitter contacts you interact with the most. These are people who liked your tweets, viewed you, or commented on your posts. The circle also represents the contacts you viewed, liked DM’d on Twitter, and commented on.

It is a free service if you visit the site at a time where there are free slots. Be aware, though, that these limited slots are somewhat easily filled up and when that happens you are asked to wait for 15 minutes before Chirpty makes you a visualized Twitter interaction circle.

But if you don’t have the patience to wait for 15 minutes and have $.99 to burn, then you can pay them that and go right ahead and skip the wait. Quite smart and enterprising of Chirpty, if you ask us.

Your results on Chirpty are illustrated in a savable image, which you can use later as a tweet. Also, these results come in tiers – 3 levels/circles. Your Twitter avatar will be in the center of it all, and your Twitter interaction circle will be represented by avatars of people. The innermost circle of the 8 closest represents the Twitter users you have interacted with the most. The 15 avatars o tier 2 got a little less interaction than the first tier but got more than the 26 outermost avatars.

That is Chirpty in a nutshell, and if you want to know how to get a Twitter circle for yourself, then let us teach you how.

How to Create a Twitter Engagement Circle

As mentioned prior, with Chirpty, Twitter users get the ability to see who they have interacted with the most. If you want to see who these Twitter followers or followed are, here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to create a Twitter engagement circle:

Steps on creating a Twitter engagement circle

  1. Go and visit the Chirpty website. 
  2. Once there, enter your Twitter username or your Twitter handle in the text box provided.
  3. Click ‘Generate’ if the ‘Generate’ button is clickable, and will give you an illustrated Twitter interaction circle.
    • If the ‘generate’ is not clickable, proceed to step number 4.
  4. If the ‘Generate’ button is not clickable, that means the limited number of slots are already used up for the moment.
    • You can wait 15 minutes for a slot to free up for you. After this time, click ‘Generate’ again.
    • If you can’t wait 15 minutes, you can pay Chirpty $.99 for them to accommodate you.
  5. Save your results to tweet later or post on your other social media platforms.

Little Joy From the Little Things

Chirpty is not life-changing, really, but is a quirky little feature that exists to give us a little joy and a little joy goes a long way in these trying times we live in right now. Try Chirpty and add your Twitter circle to the things that gave you joy this past year.

Maddie Schultz
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