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Establishing an online presence is essential for any business. Creating social media accounts for your brand makes it easier for people to connect with you and avail of your products or services.

In any of your online accounts, the social media profile picture is the first thing that your audience will see. You cannot leave your profile with just the anonymous default image. You need to immediately establish your brand’s identity by uploading your brand’s unique display image.

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Why your Twitter profile picture is more important than you thought

Why your Twitter profile picture is more important than you thought

If you think that uploading any profile picture or using a Twitter default profile picture will work fine, then you are mistaken.

Your Twitter profile picture is the first thing people will see and notice. It says a lot about who you are or what your brand is about. This initial impression will greatly determine if people will follow you. In some cases, it can either make or break your brand.

If you’re having difficulty deciding what profile image to use, simply follow this advice and get inspiration for your next photo.

Inspiring ideas for the Twitter profile picture

Inspiring ideas for the Twitter profile picture

Knowing how important it is to put your best photo forward, here are some interesting Twitter profile picture ideas to ensure you get your target audience’s attention.

To make it simpler for you, you can opt to hire a professional photographer or graphics designer to do it for you. But you can go ahead and try these yourself.

1. Your Face

The easiest type of photo you can instantly use as your display pic is a smiling picture of yourself. It doesn’t need much editing. Simply capture your face up to your shoulders so it doesn’t look like an ID photo. And make sure you have adequate lighting, so people can clearly see you.

Nothing gets people’s trust faster than a genuinely smiling photo of an individual. This very personal yet professional type of image earns the instant trust of your audience. Use this for branding your blog, vlog, or personal services.

2. Your Team

If you have a firm or would like to show your dedicated team, you can use a group pic of your team members. You can re-enact your workroom environment or simply snap a wacky and fun photo of the team.

This will directly introduce your staff to your possible clients. Pictures like this assure people of how competent and friendly your team looks.

3. Brand Logo

If you don’t need to put a face to the brand, a logo will work just as well. A simple and memorable logo will imprint your brand on your audience’s mind. Design a unique logo with your brand’s initials or symbol that best represents your brand.

Your logo will be your brand’s identifier, so you better be happy with it. There are designers you can hire to make a more professional-looking logo. This works best for introducing a brand of products, digital application, or just a very professional business.

4. Store Photo

If you have a store. Show off your brick-and-mortar storefront on your profile picture. Frame your business name in the photo. Don’t take a photo of it in front and right smack in the middle of the frame. Capture it a bit from the side to get a dynamic and dramatic angle.

This type of image is proof that you are a legitimate entity, and it also displays your brand name clearly.

5. Brand Colors

Choose appropriate colors to represent your brand. Food brands opt for the colors red, yellow, and some other colors to induce appetite. Cafés use earthy colors like brown and green to evoke comfort. Cosmetics brands prefer black and shades of pink for a dramatic effect.

Select the colors that best represent your niche and brand. These hues will be the colors you will use throughout your posts, packaging, and branding.

Use your brand colors in your profile photo to permanently link it in your audience’s brain. Whenever they would see that specific color combination, they will immediately think of your brand. It’s certainly an ingenious way to induce brand recall.

Twitter Profile Picture Size and Specifications

Twitter Profile Picture Size and Specifications

Here are the recommended specs for your Twitter profile picture. Closely follow these guidelines to avoid encountering errors when updating your profile.

File type: JPEG, PNG, and GIF (Animated GIFs are not supported, though. They will simply be displayed as a static image.)

File size: maximum of 2 MB

Dimensions: 400 × 400 pixels (square image)

Tips to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out

Tips to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out

Apart from your profile image, there are other aspects that you can fine-tune to make your brand more visible on Twitter.

1. Updated Banner or Header Photo

Your profile banner is a glimpse of what your brand is all about. Therefore, it must fulfill specific guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your Twitter banner.

Image specifications – The image should follow the recommended file size, quality, and aspect ratio. Doing this will ensure that your banner is displayed perfectly on any device (PC, tablet, or mobile).

Photo content – Your picture should be unique. Using some stock photo found on the internet will simply have people scrolling past your profile. But creating your own photo banner will definitely make your profile stand out.

Here are some ideas for your banner:

Image of your brand’s target audience – So that it will resonate with the people belonging to this niche.

Photo of what your brand aims to achieve – When people see what a great vision you have, and if they happen to share the same sentiments, then you have already captured your audience.

Picture of your latest event, product, or achievement – This will help people get to know your brand more.

Branding – Your banner should be a reflection of your brand. It should follow your brand’s color palette and mood. Also, don’t forget to include your brand name and other social accounts to let people know who you are.

A lot of posters and advertisements tend to forget this part, and viewers end up not knowing the company or brand they should search for and follow.

Nail the perfect banner for your brand by following this detailed guide for the best Twitter banner practices.

2. Descriptive Bio

Inform your audience about what your brand can offer them. Make your brand relevant to them. Convince them why they should follow and support you.

3. Add a Link in Your Profile

Don’t forget to include a link redirecting followers to your external webpage, eCommerce website, or blog page. This clickable link makes it easier for people to support your store or other online presence.

4. Call-To-Action

Tell your audience how they can reach you, avail of your merch, or support your brand. This will encourage them to take action (mostly just by clicking the link) and not just scroll to the next post.

5. Pin Your Most Relevant Tweet

Make sure to let your profile visitors know about the latest and important updates happening with your brand. Simply pin the tweet to the top of your timeline, so it doesn’t get lost in the myriad of daily tweets.

6. Post Actively

To stay relevant to your audience, you need to post tweets regularly. Remind them of your presence daily. Utilize third-party apps to manage the scheduling of posts and make your job easier.

7. Use Hashtags

Add relevant hashtags to your bio and tweets to increase your visibility on the platform. You will appear in search results with the help of these keywords.

8. Engage With Your Audience

The more likes, comments, and shares your posts get, the more you get bumped up on Twitter’s algorithm. So, be diligent in replying to your audience.

In Conclusion

Once you have maximized your Twitter profile setup, there is not much effort needed to maintain it. Just the usual scheduled social media posts and updates. So, don’t let this easy opportunity slip by you. Grow your followers by implementing these simple Twitter profile picture tips. And this will almost guarantee your brand’s success.

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